Letter to the Editor: Presidential election is all about the border

Published 11:21 am Tuesday, March 19, 2024

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To the editor:

I realize this is starting to become tedious, and I truly apologize. But, Mr. Carroll’s questions may need to be answered, because he might not sincerely know.

1) “What is up….?” Illegal border crossings, Inflation, Mortgage rates, Trump’s poll numbers.

2) “How do… we get action on immigration now?” Vote Democrats out of office.

3) “When [will Congress] stop playing games and represent the people?” When Democrats are voted out of office.

The Democrat party and President Biden have created the border crisis via executive order, failed legislation and failed leadership. We cannot rely solely on Republicans to solve our immigration problems until Democrats realize they are the problem. It would be counterproductive for Republicans to advance any useful legislation that would cure the border crisis because President Biden and the Democrats created this crisis.

Mr. Carroll repeating a lie only makes you a liar. You didn’t have to search for a quote of someone that agrees with you. You just had to look at a picture of President Trump holding the Bible, it was not upside down. And, while you were busy reenacting Chapter 8 of the epic novel, Don Quixote, “tilting at windmills” fighting President Trump, he secured the Republican nomination for President.  As far as President Trump being a “threat to democracy;”.he wasn’t a threat the first time he was President and he won’t be the second time. Meanwhile, look at what the Democrats are doing and have done to destroy our Republic. Conspiring with big tech to suppress factual information.  Labeling concerned parents as domestic terrorists. Using lawfare to intimidate and persecute opposition. Unconstitutionally removing a candidate from state ballots.

Above all, Mr. Quixote, as a Republican, you need to hold President Biden and Democrats to the same standard you hold President Trump and other Republicans. But it’s clear you are afraid to, and your fear is understandable. Considering that President Biden is the most popular President in American history, garnering more votes than President Obama, even after adjusting for population increases.

Again, your fear to speak out is justified, because President Biden is a bad dude. He took on Corn Pop all by himself. Not to mention Corn Pop’s brothers Honey Smacks and Froot Loop. In fact, he took on the entire Kellogg family, and still had time for the kids to rub the hair on his legs and talk about cockroaches. Very scary and disturbing.

Plus, President Biden was in a biker gang and they are notorious for being intimidating. But, sadly he was kicked out of the gang, because he kept getting his feet tangled up in the peddle clips. Horrifying.

President Biden is tricky and sly like a fox. His escape and evasion techniques are superb. Everybody thinks he is shaking hands with air, but, he is actually lulling his foes into a false sense of security, pretending to be friendly, but then POW, like a ninja, he kicks the Super Slow Scranton Shuffle into gear. Moving so slowly you don’t perceive him moving at all, kind of like the hands of a clock. As he shuffles to the left of the stage, then to the right, pretends to fall down (just a ploy for sympathy), Judy-Chops a Secret Service agent trying to direct him and sneaks-up behind an unassuming victim to sniff their hair.  Absolutely terrifying and creepy.

Let’s not even mention his magical skills to change a person’s skin color. Even if you consider voting for someone other than him….poof… your skin color changes. Look at President Trump, he didn’t vote for President Biden and his skin turned orange. Sends chills down my spine.

Another tactic President Biden deploys, to instill the ultimate fear in his political opponents, is to have a team of skilled make-up artists give him the appearance of Reverend Kane from the movie Poltergeist. One of the scariest movies ever made.

But seriously, Mr. Quixote, I hope you have a good day, keep fighting the good fight, try not to hate so much; and, when asked why you are voting, tell them “It’s The Border Stupid”. I know it was nicked from master strategist James Carville’s phrase “It’s the economy stupid”, but it works.  This election will be about the border crisis and it will be vicious. We better start laughing now, because it will get ugly.

Kurt Musselman