Letter to the editor: Green energy isn’t as green as touted

Published 11:10 pm Tuesday, March 7, 2023

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To the editor;

What a nice surprise to see Editor Barnhardt’s great editorial questioning all the climate doomsayers. It was not too long ago where I read an article that was similar to his comments about prior experts calling for global cooling.  They showed a 1977 Time Magazine cover with a penguin on the cover and it was titled “How to Survive the Coming Ice Age.” Then they showed another Time Magazine cover from 2008 titled “How to Win the Coming War On Global Warming.” They also showed how the liberal media is getting into the act now by showing an identical TV weather map showing the country of Germany with temperatures in Celsius for the next day. The 2009 map was a nice soothing green color. The identical 2019 map (with lower temps than 2009) was a glowing fiery red and one in 2021 showed bold red with bursting yellow suns for heat effect.

We all remember ex-VP Al Gore going on his rants earlier this year about boiling oceans and rain bombs. He said in 2009 at a Copenhagen climate conference that the North Polar ice-cap would have a 75 percent chance of being within 5-7 years.  In 2006 Gore predicted that our sea levels would rise by 20 feet in “the near future”.  This guy has been made a multi-millionaire spouting untruths for years and flying in carbon-emitting private jets (just like Climate Czar John Kerry and climate gurus Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio).

These same liberals in power want to take away your gas stoves, stop you from eating meat because cows put out methane gas and make everybody drive electric cars without the U.S. having the infrastructure for the cars. They also don’t stop to tell you that a large portion of the cobalt for the EV batteries come from women and child labor camps in the Republic of Congo.  (Subhuman & degrading underground conditions).  What they also aren’t telling us is what they will be needing from the earth in the form of rare earth minerals over the next 30 years or so to get all of their infrastructure built.  They will need cobalt, nickel, lithium, copper, graphite along with rare earths like vanadium, cerium, gallium, lutecium plus many other types.  It takes tons and tons just to get a few pounds of these minerals, plus sulfuric and nitric acid to purify.  All this produces toxic sludge.

Oh yea, and where do we think they are putting all the solar farms? Clearing off our great timberland and food producing farmland. So, all in the name of green energy, they are going to take over as the No. 1 most-polluting industry in the world. Please let’s not forget wind power either. For the equivalent installed capacity that fossil fuels and nuclear require, wind turbines eat up in raw materials 15x more concrete, 90x more aluminum and 50x more iron, copper and glass.  Yet they would have us all believe that the renewables are green and clean.  Ha.

Please, do your research because the Biden administration is putting climate ahead of national security and lying to us about it.

John Nelms,     Advance