Easter event exciting for children

Published 8:22 am Thursday, April 13, 2017

The annual Easter Egg Hunt for the town of Cooleemee was Saturday, April 8.  The temperatures started out quite chilly but by the 10 a.m. starting time the air was warmer and the fun began.

The Easter Bunny was happy to be sitting beside all the children who wanted their pictures made with him, the games of Bunny Toss and Bowling, face painting, photo props and cake walk kept all busy.

The relay games are so much fun because it doesn’t matter if you are young or older, the Crack the Egg relay gets everyone involved,  even watching the parents taking pictures can be entertaining.

We added the Sack Race this year and decided to divide the older from the younger to make it more balanced.  Boy, that was fun and we’ll have to do that again for sure next year.

Finally, after all the games have been played out and all the cupcakes were given away to winners at the Cake Walk, the egg hunt began.  There were about 1,900 eggs filled with all sorts of candy.

In each category a special note is in the egg to let the child know they won a special basket.

All names of each child at the event put their name in a basket and names were drawn out for free prizes.

Three jars were filled with jellybeans and the person who guessed the closest number inside won the jar.

Many egg hunts were all over the county. I hope many children had the chance to go to at least one.

Easter is my favorite time of year. When I was 9 years old, I was baptized at First Baptist Church on Easter Sunday.

New beginnings can be so exciting. The leaves are coming out, trees and bushes were showcasing, hot pinks, lavender, white and yellow blooms.     

A bird had laid four beautiful speckled eggs in the gravel parking lot at the recreation center.

My husband put logs around the nest so no one would run over it. The mama bird had a close watch over them. She had scratched the large gravel away and created a clean area to nestle down her babies.

Found out this bird lays her eggs there every year.  Some saw her at last year’s egg hunt, how cool is that.

Hope everyone has a great Easter; I know I will because my daughter is getting married.

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