Women’s club members ‘fly the friendly skies’

Published 11:17 am Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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By Paulette Agha

Mocksville Women’s Club

Mocksville Women’s Club celebrated its founding in 1962 last week at Bermuda Run Country Club.

Past Presidents Vickie Smitherman and Christy Schafer chaired the event. They created tickets and boarding passes for Federation Airlines, and encouraged some 35 members to come dressed as they would have if they were flying in 1962.

Members Elke Albrecht and Debbie Taylor checked in  everyone dressed in appropriate stewardess hats and scarfs.

Tables were decorated with vintage Piedmont Airline memorabilia, thanks to Jody Welch, as well as ashtrays and candy cigarettes, Cokes in glass bottles and other popular items of the time. They played 60s movie and music trivia as well as women’s club trivia.

Senior stewardesses Smitherman and Schafer wore navy suits, hose and heels as well as stewardess hats and scarves. They were accompanied by Pilot Agha with a pilot’s hat and aviator glasses.

Bermuda Run staff got into the spirit by also wearing and serving with appropriate attire. Lunch was a popular meal of the 60s, meatloaf, creamed potatoes and green beans. After lessons in the Hula Hoop and the “Mashed Potato” song and dance, the group settled down for the business of the day.

The Citizen of the Year award went to Greg Forbes, community paramedic coordinator for Davie  Emergency Services.

Forbes has been with Davie EMS since 2017. He and his team are part of the   Opiate Task Force which consist of EMS, health & human services, and the sherriff’s department.

His team is made up of two full-time paramedics, two part-time paramedics and a peer support specialist. Last year they responded to 1,136 calls; this year so far more then 500. They also assist in placing those in need of rehab into proper facilities.