Public Records

Published 11:29 am Monday, July 1, 2024

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The following were arrested by the Davie County Sheriff’s Office.

June 29: James Louis Campbell, 33, of Winston-Salem, reckless driving to endanger, conspiracy; Amanda Leighann Myers, 34, of Crabtree Road, Mocksville, assault inflicting serious injury.

June 28: Steven Lee Brookshire Jr., 51, of Tobaccoville, failure to appear in court; Sherri Baynes Crews, 60, of NC 801 N., Mocksville, trespassing; Ariel Lynn Holloway, 34, of Sheffield Road, Mocksville, misdemeanor crime of domestic violence; Carl Richard Reeves Jr., 63, of Wall St., Mocksville, operating electronic sweepstakes, selling slot machine, possession slot machine, gambling, operating video gaming machine.

June 27: Christopher Andrew George, 58, of Durham, possession of open alcohol in passenger area of vehicle, driving while license revoked impaired revocation, DWI, felony causing serious injury by vehicle; Robert Daniel Torbush Jr., 62, of Edward Beck Road, Mocksville, 2 counts failure to appear in court.

June 26: Brandon Jermaine Coleman, 39, of Thomasville, 4 counts failure to appear in court; Misty Nicole Smith, 24, of Court Square, Mocksville, unauthorized use of vehicle; Michael Jason Yourgevidge, 45, of N. Wentworth Drive, Mocksville, failure to appear in court.

June 25: Ezekiel Evan Curry, 33, of Charlotte, failure to appear in court on felony charge.

June 24: Crescion Cruz, 47, of Crepe Myrtle Lane, Mocksville, failure to appear in court; Quameak Ray-Shaud Lewis, 27, of Dianna Lane, Mocksville, assault inflicting serious bodily injury; Zariah Noel Parson, 27, of Dianna Lane, Mocksville, injury to property, assault.

June 23: Andrew Lee Camp, 37, of Cooleemee, breaking and entering, resisting an officer, domestic violence prevention order violation; Ricky Alexander Dunn, 67, of Hilton Road, Advance, hit and run leaving the scene of accident.

Sheriff’s Office

The following are from Davie County Sheriff’s Office reports.

June 29: disturbance, US 64 W., Mocksville; suspicious activity, Quality Drive, Mocksville; fireworks, Willhaven Drive, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Yadkinville Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Cemetery St., Mocksville; harassment, Juney Beauchamp Road, Mocksville; runaway, Cumberland Court, Advance; suspicious package, Cooper Creek Drive, Mocksville; harassment, N. Main St., Mocksville; trespassing, Daniel Boone Trail, Mocksville; domestic assist, Joe Road, Mocksville; trespassing, Caravan Lane, Mocksville; nuisance complaint, Madison Road, Mocksville; missing person, Casa Bella Drive, Advance.

June 28: burglary, Gladstone Road, Mocksville; fireworks, Windward Circle, Mocksville; fireworks, Mountview Drive, Mocksville; disturbance, Madison Road, Mocksville; domestic assist, NC 801 N., Mocksville; larceny, Whitney Road, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Crabtree Road, Mocksville; larceny, Wilkesboro St., Mocksville; suspicious activity, Bermuda Run Drive, Bermuda Run; assault, Madison Road, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, NC 801 N., Mocksville; harassment, Williams Road, Mocksville; fraud, St. Matthews Road, Mocksville; fraud, Lincoln Lane, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Lakeside Crossing, Bermuda Run; domestic assist, Gladstone Road, Mocksville; fraud, Government Center Drive, Mocksville; larceny, Markland Road, Advance; disturbance, NC 801 N., Mocksville; missing person, Kinder Lane, Mocksville; suspicious activity, NC 801 N., Bermuda Run; domestic disturbance, Sheffield Road, Harmony.

June 27: domestic disturbance, Essex Farm Road, Advance; suspiciuos activity, US 158, Advance; harassment, Mollie Road, Harmony; noise complaint, Casa Bella Drive, Advance; larceny, Valley Road, Mocksville; harassment, Cooper Creek Drive, Mocksville; harassment, Cooper Creek Drive, Mocksville; domestic assist, Richie Road, Mocksville; domestic assist, Leatherwood Trail, Mocksville; fraud, Government Center Drive, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Cloister Drive, Mocksville; nuisance complaint, Cooper Creek Drive, Mocksville; nuisance complaint, Paw Paw Lane, Mocksville; fraud, US 601 N., Mocksville; damage to property, Valley Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Oak Tree Drive, Mocksville; fraud, US 158, Mocksville;.

June 26: suspicious activity, NC 801 S., Advance; suspicious activity, Ash Drive, Mocksville; trespassing, Yadkinville Road, Mocksville; larceny, Yadkinville Road, Mocksville; fraud, Raymond St., Mocksville; suspicious activity, Elmore Road, Mocksville; harassment, Fairway Drive, Bermuda Run; larceny, Fonso Way, Mocksville; larceny, Grey St., Mocksville; domestic assist, Gladstone Road, Mocksville; trespassing, McCullough Road, Mocksville; burglary, Redland Road, Advance; suspicious activity, Yadkinville Road, Mocksville.

June 25: suspicious package, Duke St., Cooleemee; suspicious activity, Farmington Road, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Cabana Lane, Mocksville; suspiciuos activity, US 601 S., Mocksville; domestic assist, Davie St., Cooleemee; suspicious activity, US 64 W., Mocksville; trespassing, Chaucer Lane, Mocksville; trespassing, Turnberry Drive, Mocksville; suspicious activity, NC 801 N., Bermuda Run; fraud, Spaugh Lane, Mocksville; disturbance, Davie St., Cooleemee; custody issue, Calahaln Road, Mocksville.

June 24: suspicious activity, Blaise Church Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Watt St., Cooleemee; domestic disturbance, Cowboy Way, Advance; indecency, Pointe House Lane, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Candle Light Court, Advance; suspicious activity, Cross
St., Cooleemee; larceny, Grannaman Drive, Mocksville; disturbance, Haywood Drive, Advance; suspicious activity, Swicegood St., Mocksville; disturbance, Grey St., Mocksville; larceny, Wilkesboro St., Mocksville; trespassing, NC 801 N., Bermuda Run; larceny, Martin Lane, Advance; fraud, County Home Road, Mocksville; fraud, NC 801 N., Advance; disturbance, Grove St., Cooleemee; sex offense, Sheetz; suspicious activity, Hilton Road, Advance; domestic disturbance, NC 801 N., Bermuda Run; suspicious activity, S. Wentworth Drive, Mocksville.

June 23: noise complaint, Hospital St., Mocksville; missing person, Government Center Drive, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Joe Road, Mocksville; trespassing, Cable Lane, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Baltimore Road, Advance; larceny, Channel Lane, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, US 601 S., Mocksville; larceny, Government Center Drive, Mocksville; disturbance, Main St., Cooleemee; suspicious activity, I-40/US 64W, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Cable Lane, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, W. Kinderton Way, Bermuda Run; domestic disturbance, Davie Academy Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, NC 801 S., Mocksville.

Land Transfers

The following land transfers were filed with the Davie Register of Deeds, listed by parties involved, acreage, location and deed stamps purchased, with $2 representing $1,000.

– Ronald A. Kerley to Roger P. Spillman, 1 lot, Jerusalem Township, $40.

– Michael Thomas Dalton to Roger P. Spillman, 1 lot, Jerusalem Township, $100.

– Seth Phillips to Shirley Mabrey, trustee, interest in tracts, Fostall Development, $40.

– Brandi Doub and elton Doub to Shirley Mabrey, trustee, interest in tracts, Fostall Development, $40.

– Eve Jones Hinkle and Gray Hinkle to Regency Oaks LLC, tracts, Farmington Township.

– Christine E. Rennolds and Scott Rennolds, and Edmund Dawejko Jr. and Lauren Dawejko to James Dylan Waller, 1.4 acres, Clarksville Township, $510.

– Jessica Lyle to Aaron Allison, 1 lot, Oakland Heights, Calahaln Township.

– Kevin E. Morrison to Pereiras Holding Groiup, .62 acre, $80.

– Michael E. Eidson and Stacy E. Eidson to Duane Brennan Spencer and Lauren Spencer, 1 lot, Westridge Subdivision, Shady Grove Township, $596.

– Keith E. Foley and LaDonna J. Foley to Vickie L. Farrior, tracts, Mocksville Township, $870.

– Domingos Mexican & Seafood Restaurant to Martinez Romo Properties, .92 acre, Mocksville, $1,600.

– Pamela Reavis Brown (and as executor of estate of James P. Reavis Sr.) and Steven Lewis Brown, Patricia Reavis Jones and John David Jones, and Iona Mae Reavis to Amanda Gregory and Daniel Gregory, tracts, Mocksville Township, $450.

– James M. Brammer and Katelyn E. Brammer to Nicolas Huston, 1 lot, Sawgrass at Oak Valley, Advance, $1,820.

– Caroleen W. Speaks to Caroleen W. Speaks (99%) and Renee Speaks Staley (1%), tracts, Mocksville Township.

– Joshua C. Kent and Carrie M. Kent to Frederic Miguel Frances Jr., 1 lot, Charleston Ridge, Mocksville, $600.

– Todd Krupa and Donna G. Krupa to Jamie Koufman, 1 lot, Fairway Villas, Bermuda Run, $850.

– Edward Bustle to Matthew Tandy and Amy Tandy, 1 lot, $1,270.

– Joshua R. Little and Kristen C. Little to Christina Beth Hiatt, 1 lot, Kinderton Village, Bermuda Run, $846.

– David Ray Pardue and Betty B. Pardue to David Ray Pardue, tracts, Farmington Township.

– Audrey Freeman to Lucas H. Hatley and Lauren B. Hatley, 5 lots, Mocksville Township, $630.

– Sally Cabrera and Jubencio Cabrera Gomez to Yanez Construction & Remodeling, 1 lot, Ridgemont, Mocksville, $280.

– Timothy R. Lauer and Ashley H. Lauer to Joshua R. Little and Kristen C. Little, 1 lot, Redland Way, Farmington Township, $920.

– Fred H. Brockway II to Fred H. Brockway and Susan S. Brockway, .95 acre.

– Cipriano M. Chiquito and Apolinar Mendez to Raul Oliva Estrada and Yessy Isabel Zelaya Ortiz, tract, $68.

– D.R. Horton Inc. to Francis O. Albert and Diata Berthe-Albert, 1 lot, Twinbrook Village, Mocksville, $599.

– Lester C. Boyd, and Lester Charles Boyd Jr. and Elizabeth Joan Boyd to Bonnie Shaw Troutman, 1.42 acres, $38.

– Laura E. Lillard, successor trustee to James Hugenschmidt and Mary Hugenschmidt, 1 condominium, Bermuda Village, $315.

– Artemio Angulo Sarabia and Maria De La Luz Sarabia to Levi Angulo Cabrera, 1.9 acres, Clarksville Township.

– Eunice Paulson to Billy S. Riddle Jr. and Alexandra Lynn Riddle, 8.87 acres, Jerusalem Township.

– Jarrett G. Anderson to Nick Elliott, 5 acres, Calahaln Township.

– House Farmers LLC to Stillwater Homes, 1 lot, Heidelberg Subdivision, Shady Grove Township, $170.

– Ian D. McGilp and Ellen Hall McGilp to Kelly P. Connelly, 1 lot, $790.

– Pauline Jordan Howard and James Howard, Frieda W. Jordan, Kelly P. Livengood, Carla P. Daniels, Elmer G. Allen and Judy Allen, Nancy A. Lipscomb and James C. Lipscomb Jr., Linda A. Barney and Douglas Barney, Teree S. Carr and James Carr, Betty Sue J. Ireland and Clyde Wayne Ireland, William David Dye, and Sara Allison Torboli and Aldo S. Torboli to Emily Watson Austin and Andrew Davis Austin, tracts, Clarksville Township, $350.

– Danielle M. Carter-Adkins and Samuel Martin Tarble to Becky Midkiff, 1 lot, Kinderton Village, $500.

– Steven K. Pfaff to Timohty Keith Kaney, 1 lot, Countryside Subdivision, $1,410.

– Richard Lee Collins (and as executor of estate of Barbara Ann Collins Ivester) to Thanna R. Smith, 1 lot, Boxwood at Turnberry, Mocksville, $540.

– Ross Miller Spry to Alexander Kelly Peeples and Morgan Leann Peeples,  lot, Jerusalem Township, $320.

– Zhe Fu to Inspire Home Investment & Management, tract, Mocksville Township, $190.

– Marie-Claude I. Driscoll to Robert W. Driscoll Jr., 1 lot, Greenwood Lakes.

– Russell D. Gardner Jr. and Patricia E. Gardner to Robert Hotham and Bertha Maria Hotham, co-trustees, 1 lot, Bermuda Run, $1,740.

– Cedar Creek RE to D.R. Horton Inc., 21 lots, Hudson Glen, $2,990.

– Clayton Properties Group to Tammy Foster, 1 lot, Brayden, $816.

– Clayton Properties Group to Wiley Thomas Porter and Susan W. Porter, 1 lot, Brayden, $939.

– Joan M. Quinn to Joan M. Quinn and Christine Shupe, tract, Turnberry at Boxwood Village, Mocksville.