Silver Arts proves there’s plenty of talent in Davie

Published 12:22 pm Tuesday, May 14, 2024

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Davie County SilverArts held the first art show on Thursday, April 25 at the Davie County Public Library.

Entries were accepted in categories within Heritage and Visual Arts. The pieces ranged from paintings to mosaic lamps to paper mache sculptures to needle felting to woodworking.

Participants were able to drop off their art pieces earlier in the day. During the afternoon, the judges, volunteers Ellen Dreschler, Jessica Allen, and Tami Daniel, gave consideration to who would win the coveted blue first place ribbons in each sub-category. After totaling up the scores, the entries were labeled as first, second and third places.

The art show was held in the evening where artists, the community, and fellow Senior Games participants were able to stop by and see all of the work done by the talented SilverArtists. During this event, the community was able to vote on the “Best in Show” piece. All first place entries are on display at the Davie County Public Library through May 22.

Heritage Arts

• Crocheting: 1st: Ethel Blankenship, 2nd: Regeni Looper, 3rd: Teresa Draughn.

• General Fiber Arts: 1st: Judy Wilson, 2nd: Julie Cartner.

• Jewelry: 1st: Carol Huffman, 2nd: Marie Craig, 3rd: Donald Chamberlain.

• Knitting: 1st: Danny Cartner.

• Needlework: 1st: Joe Pisanelle.

• Quilting (Hand Stitched): 1st: Teresa Draughn.

• Quilting (Machine Stitched): 1st: Regeni Looper, 2nd: Maxilene Studevent, 3rd: Jean Shipley.

• Stained Glass: 1st: Jeanie Ramsey, 2nd: Marilyn Colvin, 3rd: Sherry Laster.

• Woodcarving: 1st: Larry Bailey

Woodturning: 1st: Johnnie Stallings.

• Woodworking: 1st: Johnnie Stallings.

Visual Arts

• Acrylics: 1st: Donald Chamberlain, 2nd: Connie Call, 3rd: Carol Snyder.

• Drawing: 1st: Michelle Bell, 2nd: Carol Huffman, 3rd: Gina Frank.

• Mixed Media: 1st: Donald Chamberlain, 2nd: Carol Huffman, 3rd: Gina Frank.

• Oil: 1st: Charlotte Phillips, 2nd: Michelle Bell, 3rd: Stephanie Dean.

• Pastels: 1st: Ralph James.

• Digital Photography: 1st: Julie Cartner, 2nd: Anne Gould, 3rd: Melinda Holland.

• Sculpture: 1st: Donald Chamberlain.

• Watercolor: 1st: Mary Hall, 2nd: Donald Chamberlain, 3rd: Carol Huffman.

•People’s Choice “Best in Show” – Johnnie Stallings – Woodworking “American Flag.”

SilverArts Performing Arts and Cheerleading will take place on Thursday, May 23 at the Senior Games Closing Ceremony.

To learn more, contact Carrie Miller at 336-753-6230 or