Darlet McGurer

Published 7:10 am Monday, May 6, 2024

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Darlet Mcgurer died April 30, 2024.

Born February 1936.

Preceded in death by husband, Charles “Chuck.”

Survived by 2 loving sons, Doug and Curt (Susan); sister, June Dorn of Washington C.H., OH; devoted nieces and nephew, Janet Morrison, Valerie Stier, and David Dorn.

All Services Private.


This is to serve as a heartfelt “thank you” to Davie County and to the residents that made it our Davie County. My husband and I moved here from Florida over 20 years ago.

Before we moved, we subscribed to the Davie Enterprise Record so that we could read and know our Davie County even better. We anxiously awaited its arrival each week. My husband would read the print off the pages while absorbing each word. Thank You, Enterprise Record.

Everyone we encountered made us feel welcome. Even the folks that passed us on the highways would wave, (this was new to us). One time I asked my husband, “Why did you wave at that man, do you know him”?…”No, that is what we do in Davie County.” He sincerely loved Davie County.

We first met our neighbors down the road. The Williams family, Lee, Sue, Kay, and Ann. Lee has now passed, but I hold Sue, Kay and Ann’s friendship close to my heart. Ann’s caring assistance never forgotten. Thank you, Williams family.

We attended Hardison Methodist Church and many lasting friendships started and continues. Among them Cecile and Phoebe Lakey. They welcomed us with open arms filled with warmth, laughter and love. God took Cecile home, and Phoebe’s friendship continues to be a lifelong and loving one. Thank you, Hardison.

We of course needed a doctor. We chose Melissa Champe-Seagle. We did not choose Dr. Seagle. God did. I weep when I think of her kindness and love. Mere words can never express my sincere thanks to Dr. Seagle and her entire staff. Thank you, Dr. Seagle

Melisa and Wayne Hardy of Mocksville Tire and Auto are responsible for keeping us rolling and on the road again. Many, many times going an extra mile for us. Always with a sincere and warm smile. Thank you, Wayne and Melisa.

The Sapp family. Allen, Andrea, Lyla Beth, and John Allen Sapp the Fifth. You shared your feline and feathered friends, while brightening our hearts. Thank you, Sapp family.

The Davie County and Scotch Irish Fire Department EMS for they provided compassion and care for my dear husband more times than I can recall. Responding like devoted family members coming to comfort and care. Thanks to the entire staff of Davie County and Scotch Irish EMS.

A special “thank you” to Allen Sapp, Brent Carlton, and Davie Lee Johnson. Each of these young men came to our rescue when I called and when I did not call. Always coming when needed most. I lovingly named them The Three Musketeers. Thank you, my very own Three Musketeers.

To Janey Sell a friendly nearby neighbor visited one bright summer day. Janey invited me to Jericho Church of Christ. I have come to know the fellowship and kindness of that fine church. As Janey has continued to brighten my life with her caring and warm smiles. Thank you, Janey Sell.

I met Phyllis Reep at Jericho Church and she has become a treasured friend who cares, who shares, and tickles my funny bone. Thank you, Phyllis.

To Hosta Rosse, my gardening friend. You continue to bless and color my life with your green thumb and warm friendship. God planned our chance meeting. What a blessed day. One could write a story about that meeting. And I did just that. Thank you, God, for Hosta Rose.

This “thank you” is the most difficult. To all that I did not name. You know who you are. How do you thank all who have cared, cried, loved and laughed with me more times than I can count?” You know that I am thankful for you brightening and blessing my life.

I feel better now that I have at least tried to thank Davie County for the joy of living here. While knowing that nothing could be finna then living in Davie County, North Carolina.Darlet McGurer

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