Letter to the Editor: People taking perception of law into their own hands

Published 8:32 am Sunday, April 14, 2024

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To the editor:

What right does someone have to key someone’s car?

It happened to my 99-year-old, World War II veteran dad’s car on Sunday, April 7.  We were parked legally in a handicapped parking space with cars parked (also handicapped spaces) next to us in Lowe’s Home Improvement.  Granted, my dad had forgotten to hang the handicapped tag but it was on the dashboard. I’m assuming that’s why whoever keyed the car did it; they didn’t see the tag.

Regardless, even if it was a car that shouldn’t have been in a handicapped spot, what right does someone have to damage (which is also illegal) someone else’s property?

Too often these days, people are taking the law or their perception of the law into their own hands.  What’s even more dangerous is the ignorance under which they are operating. My only satisfaction in this situation is that I believe in divine justice and I know that someday it will catch up with whoever keyed the car.

Lita Wieter