Be Prepared: Know what to expect with the fire marshal comes calling

Published 1:37 pm Tuesday, April 9, 2024

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The Davie County Fire Marshal’s office is responsible for a variety of safety items including educating the public on fire safety topics to enforcing local fire codes within the community.

The fire marshal’s office also conducts fire inspections and investigates accidents or occurrences where a fire breaks out and/or fire code violation may have occurred.

The Davie County Fire Marshal’s office understands the importance of working collaboratively with local businesses so they can be prepared for fire inspections, said Davie Fire Marshal Cameron Webb.

Typically, fire inspections of a building may occur on an annual basis, depending on location and business type. Becoming familiar with local fire codes can be helpful in preparing for a visit from the fire marshal. The goal of fire marshal inspections is to ensure your building is up to current fire codes and ordinances.

A few things a fire marshal may inspect include your building’s fire sprinkler system, electrical outlets, storage of hazardous materials, number of portable fire extinguishers, and the clearance of the entrance and exit. Blocked exits, overloaded electrical outlets, insufficient extinguishers for the size of the building, or missing emergency signage would be a few examples of red flags during a fire marshal inspection.

The public can access a General Inspection Checklist online at If you have specific questions, contact the local fire marshal office to request specific information on inspection criteria.

Understanding what is required before inspection can be helpful to ensure compliance with local fire codes and standards, Webb said.

Call the Davie Fire Marshal’s Office at 336-753-6163.