A virtual fit: Davie’s newest school perfect for some families

Published 10:35 am Tuesday, April 2, 2024

By Mike Barnhardt

Enterprise Record

The new Mebane Educational Center (at the site of the old Davie High School on US 601 S. in Mocksville) houses more than Davie County Schools central office personnel.

It’s home for the Davie County Virtual School. And not only is instruction carried out from offices here, there are spaces for the students to meet in person for special events.

It’s those events that Janice McBride,  instrucational support and data management specialist, enjoys the most. Right behind that is her almost daily interactions with students via online studies.

She is a former school cafeteria worker who got an associate’s degree and became a teaching assistant before starting her new job. She stills helps teach, working with students one on one when they need help. There are 40 students in grades 4-8 enrolled in the school.

“Our school is a great option for home-school families looking for access to the public school curriculum,” she said. “Our team is phenomenal. We work very well together.”

Once a month, the school holds “meet ups,” where the students come to the campus for a special event. “That way, they can feel like they’re part of a school. We’re the Huskies. (A name chosen by students.).

Every morning, there’s an online meeting before students are taught at their grade level. The students are presented some fun facts, and they can ask questions. Sometimes a shout out is given to a student who has accomplished something, or for a special event.

“We have a unique student body,” she said. “It’s great to see their personalities shine. We get a chance to connect to the students on a smaller scale, which builds trust.”

Virtual school students must be motivated, because much of the work is up to them. They’re given tasks, and are supported afterwards, but the work is up to them.

“I have made my home in Davie County Schools, and I hope to retire from here.”