Let the games begin: It’s not to late to register for Davie Sen

Published 1:35 pm Tuesday, March 26, 2024

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By Carrie Miller

Davie Senior Services

Davie County Senior Games and SilverArts kicked off the 31st season on Saturday, March 16 with the Shamrock Run 5K.

Senior Services staff member, Kelly Sloan, spoke at the event and shared information about Senior Services.

On Tuesday, March 19, Davie County Senior Games and SilverArts, held the opening ceremony RISE Indoor Sports Complex in Bermuda Run.

The ceremony featured a welcome from Senior Services Assistant Director, Michelle Ellis, and the Pledge of Allegiance led by Cooleemee Mayor Jeff Smith.

The Spirit of Senior Games poem was recited by County Manager Brian Barnett.

Carrie Miller, Senior Games and SilverArts coordinator, talked about Senior Games and SilverArts; this section also included a moment of silence for Senior Games participants who have passed away; and also celebrated Davie folks who hold N.C. Senior Games records.

The Davie County Senior Games Ambassadors, Alice Barnette, Lois Green, Bud Stroud, Roni Barney, Peggy Evans, Mary Hall, John Bullins, and Renae Tkach shared ideas about what they love about Senior Games and what inspired them the most.

Following the speakers, Mocksville Mayor Will Marklin recited the Senior Games Creed. Mike Brannon, mayor of Bermuda Run, officially declared the 2024 Senior Games Open which was followed by the lighting of the torch, and Renae Tkach, 2024 trained Senior Games ambassador, leading the Fun Walk in the parking lot.

Following the walk, Senior Games participants were excited to partake in the Basketball Shooting, Football Throw, Softball Throw, and Spincasting events.

• 5K Run: (55-59) 1st, Tony Moore; (75-79) 1st: Elizabeth Kimberly.

• Basketball Shooting: (50-54) 1st, Cliff Tkach; (55-59) 1st, Mary Lynn Bullins, John Bullins; 2nd, David Yamane; (60-64) 1st. Renae Tkach, Tim McCulloh; 2nd, Nancy Schlarp, Rex Allen; 3rd; Teresa Draughn; (65-69) 1st, Connie Swartz, Michael McCoy; 2nd, Paula Furches, Mike Jenkins; 3rd, Julie Cartner, Harold Wood; (70-74) 1st, Karen Umberger, Robbie Jackson; 2nd, Alice Monk, Clayton Peele; 3rd, Angela Bailey, Ron Garcia;  (75-79) 1st, Peggy Evans, Charles Mashburn; 2nd:, Pat Gregory, Tony Carden; 3rd, Azalee Stockton, Kim Newsom; (80-84) 1st, Vickie Frye, Johnnie Stallings; 2nd, Barbara Chapman; 3rd,  Alice Barnette; (85-89): 1st, Sue Allen; (90-94) 1st. George Kimberly.

• Football Throw: (55-59) 1st: David Yamane, 2nd: John Bullins. (60-64) 1st: Teresa Draughn, Tim McCulloh 2nd: Renae Tkach, Rex Allen, 3rd: Julia Fox, Bobby Hall. (65-69) 1st: Julie Cartner, Mike Jenkins, 2nd: Connie Swartz, Reginald Booe, 3rd: Sandra Smith, Brian Solomon. (70-74) 1st: Alice Monk, Robbie Jackson, 2nd: Karen Umberger, Gary Dailey, 3rd: Roni Barney, Ron Garcia, (75-79) 1st: Judy McCreary, Charles Mashburn, 2nd: Peggy Evans, Joe Sheridan, 3rd: Pat Gregory, Tony Carden. (80-84) 1st: Barbara Chapman, Johnnie Stallings, 2nd: Alice Barnette, 3rd: Doris Hinsdale. (85-89) 1st: Sue Allen, Mike Barnete, 2nd: Bud Stroud. (90-94) 1st: George Kimberly.

• Softball Throw: (50-54) 1st: Cliff Tkach, (55-59) 1st: Mary Lynn Bullins, David Yamane, 2nd: John Bullins (60-64) 1st; Renae Tkach, Tim McCulloh 2nd: Julia Fox, Bobby Hall, 3rd: Melinda Holland, Rex Allen. (65-69) 1st: Julie Cartner, Mike Jenkins, 2nd: Sandra Smith, Reginald Booe, 3rd: Connie Swartz, Harold Wood. (70-74) 1st: Alice Monk, Robbie Jackson, 2nd: Angela Bailey, Walter Gretka, 3rd: Karen Umberger, Ray Evans. (75-79) 1st: Peggy Evans, Joe Sheridan,2nd: Pat Gregory, Stewart Harry, 3rd: Judy McCreary, Kim Newsom. (80-84) 1st: Sue Couch, Johnnie Stallings, 2nd: Barbara Chapman, 3rd: Alice Barnette. (85-89) 1st: Sue Allen, Mike Barnette, 2nd: Bud Stroud, 3rd: Henry Hagner. (90-94) 1st: George Kimberly.

• Spincasting: (50-54) 1st: Cliff Tkach, (55-59) 1st: Mary Lynn Bullins, (60-64) 1st: Melinda Holland, 2nd: Renae Tkach, 3rd: Jenny McCoy. (65-69) 1st: Sandra Smith, 2nd: Carolyn Sloan, (70-74) 1st: Roni Barney, Gary Dailey, 2nd: Karen Umberger, Ron Garcia, 3rd: Caldonia Evans. (75-79) 1st: Peggy Evans, Steve Evans,  2nd: Pat Gregory, Charles Mashburn, 3rd: Tony Carden. (80-84) 1st: Sue Couch, Johnnie Stallings, 2nd: Barbara Chapman, (85-89) 1st: Henry Hagner.

Senior Services is still collecting Senior Games Registration forms. If interested in an upcoming event, give Miller a call at 336-753-6230 or email cmiller@daviecountync.gov.