Letter to the Editor: Trump spoiled, entitled and insecure

Published 12:37 pm Sunday, March 24, 2024

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To the editor:

In response to Kurt Musselman‘s letters to the paper supporting Trump and saying that it’s all about the border, it is obviously not all about the border.

Republicans and Democrats spent months creating a bipartisan border security deal but Donald Trump told them to vote against it so guess what? The border bill was voted down last month 49-50. If it was truly all about the border, the GOP would have voted for, and not against, the border bill that they helped create.

Trump stated publicly that he wanted them to vote against the border bill so it can be used as a problematic issue for him to campaign on. He is playing a greedy political strategy with an issue that needs to be addressed now and also blaming President Biden for the failure of a border policy that he instructed those in Congress not to pass. This is from Donald Trump’s own mouth and was quoted by Speaker Mike Johnson and others in the GOP. I’m sure you can find the footage somewhere from reputable news sources.

You also like to point out inconsistencies with David Carroll’s letter but you failed to take ownership of all the inconsistencies in yours.

President Biden was in an “intimidating” biker gang? It’s not true. He was in a photo with a group in 2012 but really, who cares? I beg of you to mouth off to some biker gangs (especially those who ride and raise money for children, veterans, cancer research, bullying, etc.) and see where that gets you.

You also stated that President Biden has kids rub the hair on his legs? That he can change a person’s skin color? Yada yada yada. I know you are being condescending and sarcastic but instead of telling Mr. Carroll to “try not to hate so much,” consider who is hating on who. Sounds like you are hating on biker gangs and anyone else who does not agree with your nonsense.

Which bears the question – where on earth are you getting the information from your letters? The National Enquirer, QAnon, Fox News and memes on the internet? I hate to inform you sir, but you have been duped. Please read “The Warning Signs of a Cult.” I’m happy to send you a copy, if you wish.

I just love how you quote the misinformation about President Biden (who is not perfect by any means, but I digress); however, you fail to mention all the civil and criminal cases of your orange savior. Don’t pull your smoke and mirrors argument on me that “it’s all the Democrats and Biden targeting him” either. He has been caught red-handed too many times to count and has been in court for fraud and other crimes over 4,000 times since the 1970s, way before President Biden or any Democrats ever entered his orbit. It must be nice to have had Daddy’s money to pay people off over the years.

Look, I get it. We all want to belong. But this adoration for him by his supporters is dangerously close to “false idolatry” and not a chance I’m willing to take with the one and true Savior but you do you, Mr. Musselman. It’s your life and you get to answer to God for it.

The sad part is that you and his supporters continue to make excuses for your allegiance to the biggest con artist and manipulator who ever lived instead of actually reading and listening to the lies and the hate this spoiled, entitled and insecure man spews. He is a schoolyard bully and his followers are just those on the playground afraid to stand up to him. I am not afraid.

Misty Hall, Advance