Letter to the Editor: Let’s find the right people to lead the GOP

Published 1:42 pm Tuesday, March 12, 2024

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To the editor:

Mr. Musslelman, I respect your opinion and your viewpoint, whether right or wrong. In response to my commentary last week, you pointed out what you said were two glaring inaccuracies. I appreciate your help.

“Outside of Detroit’s historic Central United Methodist Church, religious leaders recited scripture because of something they saw President Trump do in Washington DC.

“Today is in response to Donald Trump using a church sign as a prop and holding the bible, holding it upside down, and doesn’t know what is inside of it,” said Rev. Dr. Jill Hardt Zundel.

Contrary to your statement about the fire being set by “peaceful protestors,” the church’s rector Rev. Robert Fisher stated the small fire in the parsonage was not in his opinion caused by those protesting the police over George Floyd’s death. This is where it was reported Trump made his grand political stand where he turned the Bible around holding the back cover to face the cameras.  His visit “outraged” Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde, who oversees the church.

“Consider the context,” Budde told Melvin on TODAY on Monday. “After making a highly charged, emotional speech to the nation where he threatened military force, his officials cleared peaceful protesters with tear gas and horses and walked on to the courtyard of St. John’s Church and held up a Bible as if it were a prop or an extension of his military and authoritarian position, and stood in front of our building as if it were a backdrop for his agenda.”

With regard to your next clarification on Trump’s threat to become a dictator, you parse words about his clarification that it’s only on his first day. Yet he has continually stated he will seek retribution against his political rivals and those who seek justice for his violations against the law. So you believe he will only be a dictator on just his “first” day? I don’t think so.

With these being minor concerns about Trump and his threat to Democracy, you ignore the most egregious of the issues listed. Hmm, interesting.

Next, you mention your concern: immigration/border control. That is an issue I can agree with you on. But I am confused. Sen. (R) Lankford headed up a bipartisan committee on immigration producing the most aggressive border security and immigration bill in decades. But after Trump’s coffee boy was told Trump wants to use it as a political issue, Mike Johnson killed the idea and stated nothing will be passed regarding immigration this year. Sen. (R) Romney publicly stated he could not believe a candidate would hold off resolving the issue of immigration policy just to use it as a political ploy.

So what’s up Mr. Musselman? How do those of us you call “stupid” demand we get action on immigration now? When do those representing the people stop playing games and represent the people?

But truly, thanks for sharing. More people should engage in discussing our political process and whether or not the emphasis is on  issues important to the American people; or do we keep blindly electing people the caliber of George Santos, Matt Gaetz and MTG and those more interested in their wealth and power than in truly representing the people?

Lets find the “right” people to represent the GOP.

David Carroll, Mocksville