Letter to the Editor: DC Flea finds a new home indoors

Published 11:28 am Tuesday, March 5, 2024

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To the editor:

I would like to begin with a huge shout out to Mechelle Trivette and her daughter, Leah Call, for all the time, hard work and money that they have both put into the DC Flea Market. Obviously, it would not have worked without them. Thank you for all you do, and I am very proud of you for doing it.

This letter is about following an idea/dream.

Over a year ago, in November 2022, the DC Flea Market was started at the Masonic picnic grounds.  (I am sure some of you are too young to remember the annual fair that was held there, with rides, games, etc., but that was a huge part of Mocksville and Davie County.).  I was neither born nor raised here, but my mom was, and my grandmother lived here until she passed away. My Grandma Shaw would take me to the fair every time it was here, even though money was always tight. I have many fond memories of this special location.

When I had the opportunity to become a small part of the DC Flea being held on the same picnic grounds, I was so excited.

When we were informed in December 2023 that we were no longer able to have an outside flea market, I was really confused. We live in a rural county. We are not a big city. We can have multi-family yard sales (which is just a temporary flea market, if you think about it).  What? I think this is absolutely nuts. I was pretty ticked off once I realized what was going on. This was going to mean no more DC Flea Market. All their hard work growing this business was going to be for naught. An outside flea market wasn’t going to happen. I know that I was not the only disappointed party here.

But Mechelle persevered and found a great location for an indoor DC Flea Market. It is almost like starting over, but with the support of our existing customers and the new customers that we get every weekend, I know this is going to work. I am also going to do anything in my power to work with the powers that be to ensure that we can have an outdoor flea market, if we so choose.

I encourage each of you, your family and friends to come see the us out at the DC Flea Market, at 144 Chance Lane, right off 601, a mile north of Walmart. There are new and exciting vendors each week, as well as the permanent vendors with their ever-changing products. As it is inside, no worries about bad weather, so no excuses. We would love to see you.  Support local small business and shop DC Flea.

Kris Zdunczyk