Letter to the Editor: Republican doesn’t understand Trump worship

Published 9:56 am Sunday, February 25, 2024

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To the editor:

Help me, as a Republican, understand how supporting Trump as the GOP nominee is in the best interests of the country given that he feels he is justified in sexually abusing anyone’s family member; who pledges to act as a dictator, if elected; whose history includes cheating students out of significant investment to join a made-up school; who nickels and dimes workers out of compensation due for quality work they do for him;  whose history is chocked full of failed businesses and discrimination, who lies when the truth would suit better, who publicly ridicules disabled people; who claims to support law and order except when it bears down on him as determined by his peers; who claims to be a Christian as he holds the Bible upside down for public photos and who parses words when asked about what part of God’s word he uses to guide him; who is classified by a plethora of qualified psychologists as narcissistic and sociopathic; who demeans the sacrifice of our military by referring to those who get caught as losers; who outwardly threatens to go after anyone or group whom he determines have not supported his viewpoint; who is ranked as one of the worst Presidents in American history??

I am asking those who are not afraid of speaking out about why they support this man who is guilty of upending our Constitution, who attacks his own party members that disagree with him, and so so much more, how they rationalize such support.

Please email me at csoclear@aol.com with your comments and name, if you are not afraid. Thank you for helping me understand.

David Carroll, Mocksville