Smith: Preserve, protect and prosper

Published 10:27 am Friday, February 16, 2024

Following is a profile on one of the nine candidates seeking the Republican nomination for three seats on the Davie County Board of CommisThe CandidateThe Candidate


Dustin Smith




Fallingcreek Drive, Advance


Wife, Donna;  stepson, Levi; step-daughter, Lex; son, Oliver; Father, TC Smith; Mother, Becky Smith (deceased); Brother, Trent Smith; Sister, April Newman (deceased)


Graduated Davie High 2001; Master Cam Certificate,

Lean Manufacturing Certificate, Multiple manufacturing, ethics, and safety trainings and certificates


Application Engineer for Kennametal. I help CNC manufacturing facilities, machine shops etc. improve processes, increase quality by working with the engineering team, programming team, and machinists to effectively reduce cost and improve output

Why did you decide to seek public office?

Smith: I decided to run for county commissioner because I have felt a calling to stand up for the residents of Davie County. I will be a servant to those that elect me and will preserve and protect what this county has always been known for, for the generations to come.  I have lived in Davie County since I was born, our way of life here is very dear to me. Giving back to the people of Davie by serving as commissioner is something that I’ll be honored to do. I would have never dreamed of getting involved in politics. It’s time someone stood up for the residents of Davie County.

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the county, and how do you intend to address those challenges?

Smith: I think the biggest challenges besides industrial and residential growth are infrastructure, budget, and our school system. We need to more quickly facilitate the Baltimore Road interchange to help with the transportation issues in Hillsdale. We need to make sure it stays ahead of schedule. We need to analyze the budget in areas we can control as many things are mandated. We need to work closely with the Board of Education and find more effective ways to improve teacher retention and compensation. We are lost great teachers not just to other counties but to other careers. We must find a way to give them the resources they deserve to protect our children’s future. Our children are the future of this county, state and country.

Is the county doing enough to manage industrial and residential growth?

Smith: No, we aren’t doing enough to manage growth. We need to make sure all county boards, agencies and leaders are on the same page as what the people of Davie County want. There is and has been a misalignment here as growth has been on the agenda of many. Traffic congestion is a clear indicator of the influx of growth.

We need to have better aligned strategies on industrial and residential growth. Rather than capitalizing on all open space, taking a measured strategic approach with what the county needs. It’s time we take a stand on it.

We must grow at a pace we can handle to keep Davie County that great county it has been known for.

Other Issues

Smith: I have lived in Davie my entire life of 40 years now. I graduated from Davie High School in 2001.  I’m a machinist, CNC programmer and now an Engineer for a carbide tooling manufacturer.  I’ve been married to my beautiful wife Donna for 11 years.  My passion is God, family, and the outdoors.

Davie is at a pivotal point in growth and prosperity. We must fully support our Sheriff and Sheriff’s department, Fire departments and EMS.  Together with the peoples voice I will bring fresh generational leadership and initiative to the future of Davie County.

It’s important to make sure resources are available for our children and youth to maintain their well-being and childhood.   I will work closely with agencies, leaders and county boards.  I do think we need to insure transparency to the citizens on relevant board issues.

Many things have changed in my lifetime of living here and I want to make sure we Preserve, Protect and Prosper in Davie County.