Myers: Make positive impact in home county

Published 10:28 am Friday, February 16, 2024

Following is a profile on one of the nine candidates seeking the Republican nomination for three seats on the Davie County Board of Commissioners.

The Candidate


Craig Louis Myers




Calahaln Road, Mocksville


Wife, Jessica Myers; daughter, Allie Myers; son, Bradley Myers


Davie County High School, 2003 graduate


Operate D&M Farms with father in law; four layer chicken houses with Perdue. Raise beef cows and sell meat to public. Grow hay and soybeans.

In The Community

• Chair, Davie Soil and Water Conservation District Board

• Chair, Research and Technology Committee for N.C. Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts

• Alternate NC board member to national association of conservation districts

Why did you decide to seek public office?

Myers: I decided to run for county commissioner because I believe in making a positive impact where it matters most – right here in our community. Growing up here, I’ve seen the unique challenges and the incredible potential we have. I want to work with you and for you for a better Davie County.

Affordable housing, responsible growth, fair wages, and supporting our local heroes like firefighters are at the heart of my vision. I’ve always felt a deep connection to our 11 farmlands, recognizing their importance in sustaining our way of life.

I’m not just in this for change; I’m in it for progress. With a clear commitment to open discussions and collaborative decision making, I want to ensure our county’s future aligns with our needs and aspirations.

Preserving our traditions while embracing smart, sustainable development is crucial. Reviewing our Comprehensive Plan together will be a top priority. Your voice matters.

I’m passionate about building a stronger community, one where everyone feels at home. Join me in this journey for a Davie County that thrives responsibly, where our workforce is valued, our emergency services are well supported, and our farmlands endure for generations. I’m running to be your county commissioner because I believe in the power of community-driven progress. Let’s shape a brighter future together. Vote Craig Myers for county commissioner!

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the county, and how do you intend to address those challenges?

Myers: Let’s be honest. Finding a home that fits your budget is no walk in the park. I get it, and I’m committed to fixing this. Everyone deserves a chance at home ownership. I’m rolling up my sleeves to make housing more affordable. That means working with developers, exploring new ideas, and ensuring affordable homes are top-notch. We want our families to have stable, affordable and great places to call home.

Our community is growing, and that’s exciting, but we must manage it responsibly. I’ve got a clear vision for this. Let’s chat, plan, and work together to ensure our growth aligns with what we all care about. Open conversations with you, local businesses, and planners are critical. It’s about enhancing our quality of life, preserving our unique vibe here in Davie County, and ensuring we grow smarter for a better tomorrow.

Our county thrives when our employees are happy and fairly compensated. I’m all for a fair salary structure – let’s bridge that gap to market value. Investing in our workforce means we keep the talent here, providing top-notch services. Fair pay and great benefits help keep our talented employees from searching for better opportunities for growth – that’s my commitment to our dedicated county employees.

Our heroes in the fire department need the resources to keep us safe. I’m on a mission to secure more funding for them. That means advocating for budgets that cover essentials, modern equipment, and advanced training. Regarding emergencies, we want our firefighters to have everything they need to respond quickly and effectively. Let’s stand together to support those who safeguard our community.

Farming isn’t just a job, it’s the heartbeat of our County. I’m passionate about preserving our farmlands. We’re talking about policies that protect our agricultural interests, zoning rules that keep our farming areas safe, and incentives for sustainable practices. Preserving our farmlands means preserving our unique rural character, securing our food supply, and honoring the traditions that define us.

Change is constant, and our plans need to keep up. That’s why I’m diving into reviewing our Comprehensive Plan. But here’s the deal: I won’t do it alone. Your voice matters in shaping our future. Let’s work together, identify what needs tweaking, and make sure our plans reflect the dreams and values of our diverse community.

Now is our chance for change and progress. I’m all about building a community where everyone has a place to call home, where growth is handled responsibly, where our county employees are valued, where our fire departments are well supported, an where our farmlands are per-served for generations.

I’m inviting you to join me in building a stronger, more resilient community. Your support can truly make a difference in shaping the  future we all want to see. Vote for change. Vote for progress.

Is the county doing enough to manage industrial and residential growth?

Myers: It’s time for positive changes in our community. Let’s talk about the heart of our county – zoning, regulations, and how we plan our growth, along with a few ideas for change.

1. Updating zoning regulations: Our zoning regulations need a fresh look. We’ve got to ensure they align with our community’s needs. As your county commissioner, I’ll push for a comprehensive review and update of these frameworks. It’s not just paperwork; it’s the foundation that sets our standards for what can be built in our county.

2: Subdivision and residential ordinances: Let’s talk about our subdivisions and homes. It’s time to review and update our subdivision and residential ordinances. Why? Because these ordinances set the bar for the quality of what gets built in our community. They determine new development standards, ensuring better quality subdivisions and homes in Davie County.

3: Quality over quantity: Let’s shift our focus to quality. We must follow the highest standard before adding more structures to our landscape. I’m committed to promoting better quality subdivisions and homes in Davie County, allowing our community to live in a place they’re proud to call home.

4. Occupying existing buildings: Before constructing more industrial buildings, let’s focus on what we already have. Davie County should prioritize ensuring that existing unoccupied buildings can be occupied. It’s about utilizing our current infrastructure efficiently, making every space count. Doing so, we better use our resources and foster a vibrant and thriving community.

Davie County, it’s time for a positive change that prioritizes thoughtful growth, quality living spaces, an efficient use of the resources we already have.  I’ll work tirelessly to bring about the changes we need for a better, more vibrant future. Let’s build a Davie County we can all be proud of. Your vote for Craig Myers is a vote for positive, purposeful change.

Other Issues

Myers: I am passionate about sparking positive change in our community! With a genuine love for our county and its farming roots, I’m excited to be the driving force behind preserving and expanding our farmlands for a sustainable future.

Davie County deserves a fresh outlook, and I’m excited to take on that challenge. As your advocate,l I’ll be focusing on responsible growth, making the most out of what we’ve got before jumping into new projects. Let’s strike the right balance between moving forward and keeping the essence of our community intact through smart and sustainable expansion.

Our farmlands are the heartbeat of Davie County, and I’m committed to being their biggest cheerleader. Imagine this: a future where agriculture thrives side by side with responsible development. I’m ready to turn that vision into reality.

Vote for me, Craig Myers, and let’s construct a Davie County that flourishes with smart and sustainable practices. Together, we’ll cultivate positive change, safeguard our heritage, and illuminate the path to a brighter future. Trust me to be your go-to for responsible growth and agricultural resilience. Let’s shape the future of Davie County as one unstoppable force!