Jones: Work together to benefit all of Davie

Published 10:28 am Friday, February 16, 2024

Following is a profile on one of the nine candidates seeking the Republican nomination for three seats on the Davie County Board of Commissioners.

The Candidate


Mark S. Jones




Fox Run Drive, Mocksville,


Wife, Gwyn Jones; Children, Emily (29),  Alex (25); Two married children, Bobby (Krystle), Jennifer (Michael); 3 grandchildren, Payton (17),  Taylor (15,)  Jack (11)


Retired Owner, Jones Insurance Services, 35 years


William R. Davie, grades 1-8; Davie High School, Class of 1977; University of North Carolina, Charlott, 1982 Bachelor of Science

In the Community

• Blaise Baptist Church, Deacon and Teacher

• Davie Pregnancy Care Center, Founder/Board of Directors

• P413, Founder/Coach

• Davie Economic Development Council

• YVEDDI Board

• South Davie Middle School Baseball Coach

• Piedmont Triad Regional Council

Why did you decide to seek public office?

Jones: I was born and raised in Davie County.  God has blessed me with a wife of forty years and Gwyn and I have been honored to have also raised our four children here.  We are blessed with three wonderful grandchildren.  I ran a small business in this county for over 35 years and Gwyn and I have been a part of starting two non-profits in Davie County: (Davie Pregnancy Care Center and P413 Ministries). Because I believe Davie County is the greatest community in North Carolina in which to live and raise a family, I believe it is my duty to give back in service to all Davie County citizens. My life is enriched by volunteering in the community as a coach, serving at church and on other boards and committees throughout Davie County. This service has allowed me to get to know our community in a personal and intimate manner.  I in my role as a commissioner, I will continue to listen and serve the public well and do everything possible to preserve our county’s rural character and continue to strive to make Davie County a great place to live, work and raise a family.

What do think are the biggest challenges facing the county, and how do you intend to address those challenges?

Jones: Davie County continues to be one of the best places to run a business and raise a family and as more people become interested in us, we begin to face challenges.

1) We are challenged to maintain our rural character and history while continuing to grow economically.

2) ake sure the infrastructure (water, sewer, roads, etc.) keep up with growth.

3) Continued work with Sheriff Hartman to keep Davie County safe by properly funding law enforcement.

4) Continue to work with our partners in school leadership to properly fund the local share of Davie Schools.

5) Work with our Volunteer Fire Departments to reach a formula of proper funding.

6) Partnerships with our local municipalities (Cooleemee, Bermuda Run, Mocksville) in areas of water, sewer and growth to support the common needs of citizens in both the towns and county.

7) As a part of our work with public safety, continue to support our EMS by making sure they are properly funded and equipped to handle emergencies.

8) Work with community leaders to sustain the wonderful quality of life we have.  These areas include support of recreation programs and facilities in areas such as Little League Baseball and Football programs and other athletic youth programs.  We must work hard to maintain and expand our parks and recreation programs in support of the whole family.

Is the county doing enough to manage industrial and residential growth?

Jones: Davie County is one of the most attractive counties in America for families looking to escape the big city and raise a family in a rural setting and because we are only an hour from two major airports and have a major interstate running through the county, we also are a great business destination.  There is always work to be done but as a county commissioner these are some of the ways I have worked together with other leaders in the county to manage current industrial and residential growth.   

1) We have changed from a blanket re-zoning to more focused conditional re-zoning.

2) We just finished growth meeting all over Davie County where we listened and gathered information from our citizens and are now working to implement many of the ideas we heard.

3) We are working to make sure growth does not get ahead of infrastructure (water, sewer, roads) by looking closer at potential impacts of development before projects are approved (in the county).

4) Stay in constant contact with our partners at Davie County schools to make sure development does not outgrow our schools.

5) We are working to set aside rural conservation and green areas to maintain our rural character.

6) Relooking at incentive packages to make sure we incentivize the type of growth Davie County citizens really want.

We certainly have not been perfect in our efforts to balance industrial and residential growth but if re-elected I will continue listen to all the citizens of Davie County, work with community and business leaders to serve this county well and continue to do everything I can to balance this challenge so that Davie County thrives.

Other Issues

I have worked together with our current board of commissioners, municipalities, non profits, economic development and schools to create a more unified community.

Some of our accomplishments include but are not limited to:

• Land purchase for a new agriculture center, which will promote Davie County agriculture community.

• We have been able to increase funding for our schools, our law enforcement, EMS and our fire departments with no tax rate increase to property owners.

• We finished the East Davie sewer project.

• We are now in the process of building a new water plant.

• We are beginning the process of improvements to our historic courthouse.

• We have built a new EMS station and our looking for land for building one more for the county.

• We have finished our new community park and are working to create a county wide recreation program.

• My goal is to always keep taxes and regulation low.

• I strive and continue to work with Davie County citizens to keep our streets and homes safe, to provide wonderful schools, and improve our infrastructures all while promoting our rural character

  Lastly, when I’m not serving Davie County, I most adore spending time with my bride, Gwyn.  I am blessed to watch our grown children strive to be great parents and citizens.  Every opportunity I can, I enjoy watching our granddaughters serve God was they lead worship and play in their band, Fairfield Bluegrass.  I am glad to be able to watch my grandson play all the sports he loves and honored to help coach. I feel blessed to live in Davie County and I pray that God will continue to show favor on us as I strive to honor Him in all I do as a husband, father, grandfather and Davie County Commissioner. I ask that you prayerfully consider voting for me in this election to serve another term as your County Commissioner.