Butero: Common sense and local values

Published 10:29 am Friday, February 16, 2024

The Candidate


Mike Butero




South Main Street. Mocksville


Wife, Donna Sheriff Butero; Daughters, Christina Butero Russell & Ashley Brooke Butero;  Pet and family member, Max, our Jack Russell


Class of 1985 Davie County High School (Graduate)

BLET: Mitchell Community College; Certificates from GTCC, DCC, Randolph CC, Wilkes CC for multiple law enforcement categories. Certified Field Force Operations by FEMA


Lieutenant, Davie County Sheriff’s Office; Community Relations, Watch Commander Patrol Division, Victim’s Rights, Radar Units. Handle all community relations for the entire county, give programs at businesses, churches, day cares, schools, and all county organizations.Create programs for Active Shooter, General Security, ne ighborhood watch and more. Placement of portable radar units in areas with speed complaints to gather stats for patrol division to increase presence in those areas. In charge of victim’s rights for the Sheriff’s Office including all training and liaison to the DA’s Office for all victim’s rights required documentation.

In The Community

• Event planning annually for Red Vs. Blue Softball games and fundraisers

• Member of DCLEA and Shop with a Cop volunteer

• Event planning for large events as well as fundraisers for those in need

Why did you decide to seek public office?

Butero: I made the decision to run for office simply because I wish to continue being fully involved with the County I grew up in and to be the voice for the people of Davie. I was born and raised in Davie County and most of my family has been in service for the County in some capacity.

I feel that Honesty and Common Sense are what it takes to be the voice for the people and that is what I am offering. No one knows what problems, projects, or growth may be suggested or requested in the next few years, but I will make any voting decisions based upon what the citizens want for the future.

I feel that being a political candidate does not mean that, if you win, you become a true politician. I want to be a true representative for those who are willing to take a chance on me. People should never cast their vote and then be forgotten once the candidate has been elected. Political office means you work for the people and not for your own agenda. I take pride in using common sense and being honest and would continue to do so if I am elected in this position.

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the county, and how do you intend to address those challenges?

Butero: The biggest challenges are almost the same everywhere. The difference for our county is that we live in an area where we still have control over our destiny. I have lived in large cities and know what too much growth or too little growth can do in either direction. Our county is thankfully still an area that people wish they could live in due to low crime, small population, but still thriving. The challenge of growth is definitely huge with many people wanting us to be booming and many wanting us to remain the quiet calm that we were raised in.

I personally feel that growth is fine, if it is done using caution by what could cause higher crime, overcrowding or unmanageable traffic.

Growth doesn’t have to mean slapping up housing that is a magnet for crime. Growth can be healthy if it brings good, law abiding citizens along with it.

Growth also doesn’t mean that the landscape of the county has to change dramatically. Logic and statistics show that if you have homes that only hard working people that strive to make their lives better can afford, then that is what will be populating the area. Housing that is offered for those that do nothing but sit back and let hard working taxpayers flip the bill for them to live free obviously will bring more criminal activity and declining neighborhoods to our area.

Businesses brought into the county which are appealing to those who want to make a good living and raise a family in a wholesome, clean environment, will then bring that kind of people to our area. It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that if you invite problems, then you get problems.

Certain businesses and housing can truly cause grief for an area that is safe for families to live and play. The way to prevent these problems is to research and see what happens in areas that made mistakes. I have lived in areas that did just that. Areas that thought inviting in everybody means growth, when it really meant change to once was a safe, fun place to live. Change that made their towns, counties and cities turn to something that citizens didn’t want.

The way to address these challenges are to be knowledgeable in these areas and to use common sense decisions in voting for what is good for the county. By not being pressured by those who wish to gain in their pocket, while those who live in certain areas suffer by bad choices for growth. A growing county doesn’t mean it has to become less safe or less clean. Good common sense decisions will keep our county the number one place to live in this state.

Is the county doing enough to manage industrial and residential growth?

Butero: In my opinion, the county itself represents a fantastic area for growth opportunities for businesses of all types. The decisions made to keep our county safe need to be evaluated by people who understand what can cause our area to become less desirable even to those who already reside here. I don’t feel that progress needs to stop or that anyone who has made decisions for certain expansions has done anything intentionally wrong, but maybe just don’t see the big picture due to not having the knowledge to make certain decisions.

If a person wants a home built, they contact a contractor with the experience and reputation to build their new home, not a person who has no knowledge of how to build or what to do if things go wrong. Making decisions for the citizens should be the same. People with experience or familiarity with crime, growth, expansion and the results of inviting certain businesses or housing to an area are what it takes to keep our county a great place to live, work and play. Research of growth in other areas along with true statistics is what is needed to make a decision to vote for or against what may end up in our area.

Life experience in already large metropolitan areas and seeing what the outcome has been is the type of person needed to help make those important decisions. The people of this county deserve their opinion and voices heard in making moves for growth.

Other Issues

Butero: Rights, freedom and the will of the people start with local and smaller governments. The leaders and representatives that are elected by the people, work for those that cast their votes for them. I feel that many elected officials have forgotten that if you are elected, then you represent the needs, the values and the common sense decision making of those who voted you in. It’s not about what you want for yourself or what your agenda may be, it’s what those who voted for you need and want for their communities.

I am a 1985 graduate of Davie High School. I moved multiple times in 22 years. I came back to Davie County after being in corporate management for years, owning three businesses and living in areas with populations from 400,000 all the way to 1.2 million people. A total of three states and four large metropolitan areas. I moved back to Davie County, because out of all of the moving and seeing what was out there, there is no better place to live and raise a family.

After returning to Davie in October of 2007, I have served this county since January of 2008 in law enforcement with two agencies and I am the previous owner of Goin’ Postal in Mocksville. I have helped people with remodeling and small jobs for years. In other words, I like to stay busy and enjoy helping others.

I want to dedicate the rest of my career to this great county of ours and that is why I am running for County Commissioner for 2024. I am running on honesty, common sense and  wise decision making for the people of this county. I believe that being an elected official is to represent the voters with true morals and values that will keep our county as it should be, a great place to work, live and play.

I feel that with my background and knowledge of large metropolitan areas, crime, and complete familiarity of our county that I can help make sure that the decisions made for growth and taxpayer money spent are for the good of the people and not for any agenda or platform that isn’t directed to help the people who cast their vote.