Letter to the Editor: Keep political rhetoric out of school board race

Published 10:29 am Thursday, February 15, 2024

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To the editor:

Dear school board candidates: As you campaign and inform us of the work you plan to do, please keep in mind and remember that the good citizens of Davie County expect you to support our students, educators, parents and administration, and make educated decisions for the betterment of our county.

Public school systems are non-partisan and represent the demographic of the public. Your politics, no matter what side of the aisle you stand, have no place in Davie County Schools.

Secondly, please do not spew extremist rhetoric into our county that you’ve heard on certain media outlets or by groups that seek to attack our educators, create unwarranted fear in the public, dismantle public education systems and erase the accurate history of our country. We are smarter than this.

There is no Marxist ideology in Davie County Schools. There is no CRT taught in Davie County Schools (since, by the way, this is a graduate level concept taught in law school or graduate school). And there are no furries in Davie County Schools. I have talked to many teachers of different grade levels here that can confirm this.

We do not want another Pennridge (Bucks County, PA) or Sarasota, FL situation that will disrupt the lives of our students, interrupt their education or destroy our community. That is how it started there and we expect better from our school board.

Third, no one will disagree with you that we still need to teach the basics, but our children today need so much more to thrive and be successful in this modern world of ours. Thank goodness DCS is already ahead of the curve given the academic and character education programs they already use. My son was awarded in one of these programs and it has had positive outcomes tenfold.

Lastly, I have always been proud that my children attended Davie County Schools as it has always been well known for its excellence in education. This is the top reason my husband and I settled here after having our family since this is where my husband and some of his family were educated. Let’s keep Davie County Schools excellent and lead them through the 21st Century.

Misty Hall