Wright: Provide what children need

Published 9:53 am Thursday, February 8, 2024

Following is a profile on one of six candidates for the Republican nomination for Davie County Board of Education. Voters will select four of the six in the March 5 primary, likely to be elected in November because no other party candidate filed.

The Candidate


Ray Wright




N. Hiddenbrooke Drive, Advance


Married for 17 years, 4 children


Riverdale Baptist (Md.) High School; Oakloosa-Walton Community College, 1999; Louisiana State University, general studies degree 2001 (Member of 2000 LSU baseball national champion team)


Pit Stop Department manager, Richard Childress Racing

In The Community

• Founded Pit Stops for Hope, charity designed to help students succeed

Why did you decide to seek public office?

Wright: The decision to seek a position on the Davie County School Board of Education is in accordance to making a change for the better. Being a father of four kids in the school system and an advocate through the charity I founded, Pit Stops for Hope, supporting teachers is a crucial aspect of mine. Davie County has a wonderful school system, I want to continue being a supporter of teachers and their classrooms. I want to work cohesively with others on the board to increase student outcomes and give them resources needed to be successful.

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the school system, and how do you intend to address those challenges?

Wright: Many challenges are being faced by our education system, and all during a detrimental time in our society. Some of the biggest challenges are overcoming COVID learning loss, keeping tenured teachers in our district, working to make sure our budget is being utilized in the best way to help our students flourish and looking at the school calendar to create the most opportunity for success. If elected, I look forward to working together with the Board of Education to solidify change where needed that works for our school system.

Should the school system increase incentives to recruit and retain teachers?

Wright: Being a part of the Board of Education is an opportunity to make a bigger difference for our educators. For the past decade I’ve worked with not only local Davie County teachers but teachers all over the state of North Carolina to become a solid, reliable source for funding their classrooms and helping their students. As I’ve worked closely with teachers I’ve seen their passion first hand. I strongly support increasing teacher pay, creating more incentives and bonus plans to keep our best teachers in Davie. Great educators will change students lives and I will work hard to recruit and keep the best educators.

Other Issues

Wright: I’ve worked at Richard Childress Racing for 15 years at the highest level of racing competition. Managing the Pit Stop department at RCR has put me on the front lines of leadership training, working in adverse situations, and overcoming obstacles while working with others to find solutions. Working on a pit crew has taught me the importance of working as a team, and relying on the people around you to create the best outcomes. I also recruit talent daily to build the best pit crews possible to win every weekend on pit road.

I will take these attributes I’ve learned and developed the past 15 years at RCR to the Davie County Board of Education and we’ll get things done that benefit our county and mostly our students.

I believe in structure and discipline, physical fitness and hard work. Working to earn, taking advantage of opportunities and excelling in competitive environments will produce successful students. I will give my all to create an atmosphere that contains these variables in our school system.

Public Schools are the only place for some students to have an opportunity at success. We have to build up and protect our public school systems, which is why I have poured so many resources into such an impactful cause. Through fundraising, I have provided hundreds of Chrome books, thousands of dollars of school supplies, fitness equipment, new iPads, backpacks, and as simple as umbrellas for kids who have to walk to the bus stop.

The most important action we can take is being there for our children and providing them with what they need in order to be set up for success. You can learn more about me at www.pitstopsforhope.org.