Letter to the Editor: The failed policies of Joe Biden

Published 1:43 pm Tuesday, January 23, 2024

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To the editor:

Weak on the world stage starting with his bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan. He left 9,000 Americans there along with billions in weapons.

Two wars started in his term while Trump had zero.

Terrible inflation the past two years, 8.7% and 3.4% giving us 12.1%. Average household’s grocery bill alone is up $1,000.  (Eggs were up 230% at one point and gas prices are still up 35%).  Food is up 33%, shelter up 19% and energy up 33%.

High interest rates with mortgages topping out at 7.8%.  People can’t afford to buy a house and are living off credit cards. (Topped over $1 trillion in credit card debt.)

Baby formula crisis.

A horrific border crisis where over 4.7 million illegal migrants have crossed. Biden lied to us about the border patrol whipping migrants.

Allowed a Chinese spy balloon to cross the entire country.

Trying to take away our gas stoves and forcing electric vehicles on the public. Sales are way down and car companies are losing billions on them.  He agreed to spend $7.5 billion on charging stations and not one has been built in two years.

Biden family is corrupt and have been taking millions from foreign countries going back to when Biden was VP.  Joe knew and also knew son Hunter was defying a Congressional subpoena.

John Nelms