Sheriff’s office doesn’t call to ask for money to prevent arrests

Published 11:24 am Sunday, January 14, 2024

It’s an old scam, and it’s happening again.
Multiple residents across Davie County received phone calls from individuals that claim to be a deputy with the Davie County Sheriff’s Office indicating that there are warrants for the person’s arrest. These calls are false, the sheriff’s office reports.
Several local agencies around Davie have had the same type of incidents in the recent past. The call may even appear to be from the sheriff’s actual phone number. These are false calls and the numbers are being spoofed. This type of activity occurs several times a year and usually happens over a period of several days in a local area such as Davie County before dropping off and moving to another location, according to a sheriff’s office post.
The Davie County Sheriff’s Office will not ever call and ask for money to keep you from being arrested, nor will they ever ask you to purchase gift cards and give the card’s code over the phone. They will not ever request you to provide any type of funds to avoid jury duty, or as a penalty for missing jury duty.
These types of calls are always a scam. Email, or useg the citizen feedback portion of the sheriff’s office app to learn more.