Cana/Pino: New book outlines houses in Pino

Published 2:25 pm Tuesday, January 2, 2024

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By Betty Etchison West

Cana/Pino Correspondent

The Rev. Randy Pardue, pastor of Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church, brought a strong Christmas message to the worshippers on the day before Christmas. Pastor Randy’s message was accompanied by pictures projected on a screen which added depth to the message concerning the birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior. The pastor’s wife, Carolyn, operates the audio-visual equipment each week.

Kathy and Bob Ellis returned from New York City where they visited their grandson, Daniel Kato.  Daniel’s youngest brother, Nathan Kato, recently died, and Bob and Kathy went to spend some time with Daniel.  Daniel graduated from college with a major in the hospitality industry, and he was able to get a job at a New York hotel after he graduated. Daniel loves his job and loves New York City, but it was hard for him to be away from his home in Florida when his brother died.

Frances Tutterow had open house at Frost Cottage, her new house, for family and friends on Christmas Day. It was a lovely, festive occasion during which everyone enjoyed the company and delicious food that Frances served buffet style. This was the first Christmas that Birdie Frances Burchette was big enough to run around exploring everything, so she, of course, was the center of a lot of attention. In spite of all the colorful, exciting new toys around, one of the things that Birdie liked best was a box of old wooden blocks which Frances scrounged up from someplace—so much for spending time haunting the stores as you seek the latest toy.

Marlene Dull had her family for breakfast on Christmas Day. Everyone was able to be there, even Robert Burchin, who had an operation on his ear last week.  Robert is making progress, but has several more days when he is supposed to take life easy.

The mother of Donald Kmanez of Cana has died at her home in Montreal, Canada. Donald, his wife Ina Blackmore Kmanez, and their son, Rydr Kmanez, and his friend, Elizabeth, will be going to Montreal for Mrs. Kamenz’s memorial service. Donald’s mother was an amazing lady. She was 98 and still living alone in her apartment.  She visited Cana a couple of years ago, and I took her on a tour of Frostland.  I told her: “I don’t guess you will not want to climb the steps to get upstairs.” She said, ‘Oh yes, I want to go upstairs.” And she climbed those stairs to the second floor like they were nothing while I stood on the first floor and marveled at her agility. The people in the West/Tutterow/and Cujas families want the Kmanez family to know they have our sympathy.

The Bluegrass Church which at Eaton’s Baptist on the fourth Thursday each month seems to be going strong. They have food, a short message from Eaton’s pastor, the Rev. David Gilbreath, and bluegrass music.  Last week they had the largest attendance ever, and everyone said the program was great.

Henry West spent Christmas Day with his family in Yadkinville. All attention of that group was on the new baby, Gideon Henry Alvarez, the son of Autumn Spillman Alvarez and Peter Alvarez. Autumn is Henry West’s stepdaughter, and the daughter of Mindy Spillman who died several weeks ago. This was a hard Christmas because of the recent loss of Mindy, who did not live to see baby Gideon Henry. Gideon Henry did not lack for attention on his first Christmas, and he performed well by sleeping and lying quietly while people admired him.

Boyd Nelson West, the son of Ostine and Luther West, attended Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church on Sunday but he was not able to make his usual Christmas trip to Cleveland County on Christmas Day to visit his Warlick relatives. Boyd has been having a great deal of trouble with his neck and back. Boyd is scheduled for a procedure in February which we hope will do away with the pain with which he has been dealing.

I have published a book, “The Structures and People of the Pino Community in Davie County, NC.” It covers the houses and people between Bonkin Lake Road and Cedar Creek Road with the exception of a few new ones, from Highway 801 North to Dale Latham’s driveway and Pino and North Pino roads. The book includes houses that are no longer standing.