Editorial: Failed resolution, more exercise; fulfilled resolution, more beer

Published 12:04 pm Friday, December 29, 2023

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It’s resolution time again, that time of the year when we promise to do things that deep down in our souls, we know we won’t accomplish. Our minds can really can play tricks on us, convincing us that we can make changes in lifestyles that took years to perfect.

And more often than not, we fail.

Last year, I tried to make predictions more realistic, ones I really thought I could accomplish, and had mixed results. Here they were…

I predicted that I would exercise more in 2023. It didn’t happen. It wouldn’t have taken much to out do 2022, but it still didn’t happen. Maybe 2024?

I predicted that in 2023, I would drink more beers than in 2022. Mission accomplished. I don’t know whether to be disappointed or proud.

I predicted that I would be a bit meaner in 2023, not a lot, just a bit. I was a pussycat, a miserable failure at that goal.

I predicted that I would see more live music in 2023. Again, mission accomplished … somewhat, because I also promised to leave the huge venues behind for the smaller, more intimate local spots. I broke that one with a Billy Strings experience in December in the Greensboro Coliseum. That move did break a resolution, but in a good way. Be careful watching the guy and his band play and sing, they could turn you on to bluegrass music – presented rock and roll style. The crowd was also a fun mix of hippies and rednecks and everything in between.

I predicted I would watch less television in 2023. Again, probably a draw. But it’s getting to the point that just about any amount of TV doesn’t leave me with a good feeling about myself. Get off the couch and do something, boy. It’ll make you feel better.

I made a resolution to become less political in 2023. Again, a failure. The only way I could have become less political would be to quit voting. I’m not going to do that, although from what I’m seeing on the national stage I may have to hold my nose when I cast my ballot because the candidates just have this off smell about them. The ones that don’t stink don’t have a chance.

I also predicted I would write more drivel for Page 2 of the Enterprise Record. Mission accomplished. My only resolution for 2024 is to keep this up, with a bit more nonsense thrown in for good measure.

In the world we live in, it helps to laugh at ourselves from time to time.

Welcome to 2024.

– Mike Barnhardt