Letter to the editor: World not ready for green energy only

Published 9:17 am Thursday, December 21, 2023

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To the editor:

We have columns often giving us numbers of particles of CO2 emissions,  yet they never mention that our flowers and crops (you know, our food sources) need this CO2 as their main food source and photosynthesis.

We just finished the 13-day environment “lovefest” known as COP28 in Dubai where over 97,000 came in by their carbon emission producing jets. Dubai sure was a curious choice for this conference since it is smack in the middle of this crew’s arch nemesis—the OPEC oil industry.  The U.S., led by VP Kamala Harris and Climate Czar John Kerry sent well over 200 climate envoys. Nothing really changed overall as China is still building over 300 new coal plants and India has started over 40. Europe is going back to coal and natural gas because solar and wind aren’t working. And if we were all smarter, we might get back to nuclear power as it is highly efficient.

Speaking of not working, green energy projects are falling by the wayside in the U.S. as offshore wind projects can’t get financing and high interest rates have cut the profit margins to nil. Projects have been axed all along the Eastern coast.

Ford stands to lose $4.5 billion in EV sales and has stopped production of the F-150 Lightning PU due to lack of demand. GM is restructuring its EV goals amidst rumors they will go bankrupt and need another government bailout. And while we are on the EV cars, most probably don’t know that Biden’s trillion dollar infrastructure bill from two years ago had over $7 billion earmarked for EV charging stations. Yet not a single car charger has been built as of two years later. Government efficiency at work.

Investors are abandoning the green energy ship in droves as many stocks are down 50% or more in an otherwise great 2023 stock market.

So while green energy matters, it can’t be shoved down our throats when the world nor our infrastructure is ready.

John Nelms