Philanthropy Phyllis wasting no time in preparing for college

Published 2:00 pm Tuesday, December 12, 2023

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Philanthropy Phyllis spent last week learning about options for college and the opportunity that IGNITE DAVIE (ID) offers Davie residents.

She is thankful to those who are working to make ID permanent and enjoyed thanking some of them in person. After looking at her research and giving it some thought, Phyllis has decided to apply to ID and Davidson-Davie Community College.

At the community college, Philanthropy Phyllis can explore careers to find the area that is her best fit. She can even transfer to a four-year school after receiving her associate degree to finish her education.

She is excited to complete the ID application. She found the application online through the D website,

Even though she has plenty of time beforethe June 1 deadline, Philanthropy Phyllis is starting the process to be sure she gets everything done on time.

Phyllis is also applying to Davidson-Davie Community College to get that process started. One of the requirements for ID and many other colleges and scholarships is completion of the FAFSA. When she went online, she found that the 2023-24 FAFSA Form is supposed to be available in December. She talked with Carolyn McManamy to be sure this was correct. She will get it completed as soon as it is available.

In the meantime, she went to the Davie Community Foundation website to complete the scholarship application. It is due March 15 and she wants to get it finished while she is on break for the holidays.

Philanthropy Phyllis took time to stop by each of the restaurants which supported ID through IGNITE Your Appetites – Restaurant 101, Tanglewood Pizza Company, and Davie Tavern. PShe enjoyed posing with the restaurant staff and enjoyed a small snack at each location.

On Dec. 5, Philanthropy Phyllis heard the news that the Davie County commissioners approved $50,000 for ID.

Adding the contribution from the county and donations by community friends, ID is within $123,882 of the $3 million goa. Philanthropy Phyllis feels sure the $3 million goal will be reached by Dec. 31.

If you haven’t supported ID and want to help put the program over the finish line, make a donation online at, choose IGNITE DAVIE from the drop-down menu or send a check payable to Davie Community Foundation to PO Box 546, Mocksville, NC 27028. You should note IGNITE DAVIE in the memo line.