Philanthropy Phyllis making her rounds

Published 1:40 pm Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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By Jane Simpson

President, CEO

Davie Community


Philanthropy Phyllis is planning to follow in her father’s footsteps to help raise money for an important program in Davie County, IGNITE DAVIE College Promise (ID).

Phyllis is a high school senior ready to explore all that is available to her.

Philanthropy Phyllis spent time meeting with Erin Brown, her counselor at Davie County High School, to discuss her options for college. Brown helped her strategize the best option for a college education at minimal or no cost. She highly recommended attending Davidson-Davie Community College as an ID student.

Philanthropy Phyllis then met with Sandra Porter at Davidson-Davie Community College. Porter is familiar with the programs at the college and knows the ins and outs of applying to DDCC.While visiting DDCC, Philanthropy Phyllis checked out the campus and some of the classes offered at the Davie Campus. She visited a Practical Nurse Education Class. Seeing the class in action got her excited about career possibilities.

Philanthropy Phyllis returned to the Davie Community Foundation to meet with President Jane Simpson. Phyllis wanted to gain an understanding of how the community would be able to pay for tuition and fees if she and her classmates attend DDCC through ID.

Simpson said the community is raising a $3 million endowment. Once invested, the earnings from the investment should be enough to pay for tuition and fees. A $3 million endowment should generate between $135,000 and $150,000 every year. Based on current costs, students who choose ID will be covered.

Simpson also explained there is only $193,000 left to raise to meet the $3 million goal. She said the foundation, the towns of Bermuda Run and Mocksville, the Chamber of Commerce, Davie Economic Development, and the Davidson-Davie Community College Foundation all gave an additional donation to help finish the final fundraising.

Philanthropy Phyllis was so excited and thankful to hear about their generosity that she set out to visit with each of them to say thank you.

At the end of her busy day, Philanthropy Phyllis decided she would make her own donation to ID.  Phyllis made a gift in honor of her parents for Christmas.

She was excited to know that her gift moved the total closer to the goal and that her parents would receive a certificate telling them the gift had been made in their honor for Christmas. It would be a perfect gift to the community and to her mom and da.

Join Philanthropy Phyllis in making a gift to ID in honor of someone special this Christmas. Simply give online at, choose IGNITE DAVIE from the drop-down menu and note the person’s name and address you are honoring in the comments section. You can also send a check payable to Davie Community Foundation to PO Box 546, Mocksville, NC 27028. You should note IGNITE DAVIE in the memo and be sure to send the name and address of the honoree. Your gift will honor the recipient while investing in the education of Davie students.