Cana/Pino: Breakfast Saturday at Wesley Chapel

Published 1:30 pm Tuesday, October 17, 2023

By Betty Etchison West

Cana/Pino Correspondent

The leaves are falling as are the temperatures – so it is a good time to head to Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall for a country ham/sausage breakfast.  We will be serving breakfast Saturday, Oct. 21 from 6:30-10:00 a.m. We hope you will join us for a good breakfast and will enjoy visiting with friends while you are there. We will be serving in addition to the country ham and sausage, scrambled eggs, grits, red-eye gravy, sawmill (white)gravy, homemade biscuits, jelly, baked apples, coffee and orange juice. Wesley Chapel is three miles west of Farmington, just off of NC 801 North on Pino Road.

Frances Tutterow and Susan Cujas had a baby shower for Autumn Spillman Alvarez of Yadkinville at Frances’ Frost Cottage on Sunday, Oct. 8. Autumn received many lovely and useful gifts for her baby which is due at the end of November. She is expecting a boy so the gifts tended to be blue. Frances and Susan assisted by Susan’s daughters, Missy Michalski of Lewisville, and, Amy Applewhite of Charlotte, served refreshments to friends and relatives.  The only sad thing was that Autumn’s mother, Mindy Spillman, had passed away a few weeks earlier and could not celebrate this happy event with this group.

Kathy and Bob Ellis spent time in Cary recently helping their grandson, Jayden, and his mother, Maricel, while Jayden’s father and Maricel’s husband, Robert Ellis, is out of town on business.

The Wesley Chapel United Women of Faith met on Tuesday morning, Oct. 10. The meeting was called to order by Marlene Trivette in the absence of President Kathy Ellis.  Marlene presented a timely program using material from the “Response Magazine.”  Lisa Dixon West presented detailed minutes of the last meeting and reported that the nuts for the annual nut sale should arrive before the breakfast on Oct. 21.  The group was delighted to have a visitor, Patti Fish.

Wesley Chapel people are also happy to have Patti Fish helping with the monthly breakfast, and, also, so happy to have her and her husband attending Wesley Chapel’s worship service.

If you have not driven on Cana Road in the last few days, you are urged to do so. The hay bale art is on display again, and it is absolutely amazing. There is so much imagination on display—it is just delightful.  Please find time to drive from the village of Cana north to NC 801 North between now and the end of the month to enjoy the creativity of the Cana Road.  There are some displays which do not involve hay bales, and those, too, are great. The hay bales seem to mysteriously appear in October, and Sean McCashin or his helpers probably should have the credit for making that happen. The result—fun for all to enjoy so thanks to all who are involved in this project. We invite all Davie people to come and enjoy the Cana Road art during this Halloween season.

Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church has new Methodist Hymnals thanks to the gifts of church member, former members and friends. The bright red hymnals add a pleasing bit of color to the décor of the sanctuary. The goal was to buy 50 new hymnals.  So many people were interested that 100 were purchased.   Much of the printed information that is part of the service is put on a screen at the front of the sanctuary but there are people who still like to read from the hymnal. We appreciate so much all who gave money for this project, and we are anxious for you to come to Wesley Chapel to see how much the new hymnals add to our church.