Say no to mandates: Republican Party asks county to adopt resolution

Published 1:42 pm Tuesday, October 10, 2023

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By Mike Barnhardt

Enterprise Record

A citizen of the United States has the right to decide whether or not to wear a mask.

They have the right to decide if a vaccine is right for them.

They have a right to make their own decisions.

County commissioners heard these and more pleas from the Davie County Republican Party Executive Committee, who asked the board last week to adopt a resolution crafted by members Larry Bass and Joanne Giff. No action was taken by the board.

The resolution was written to exempt county residents from any mandates in relation to COVID-19 or other variants.

Bass read from the resolution: “This includes any attempt by local, state or federal government entities to overreach their constitutional authority regarding health concerns of our individuals regarding vaccines, boosters, masks and any lockdown measures associated with businesses and schools.

“We reject the current attempt by the World Health Organization to impose any and all global health mandates.

“We support a person’s right in Davie County to choose those measures that the individual believes will keep them safe and healthy. No government, business, corporation and/or medical entity or facility has the constitutional authority to infringe on a citizen’s right to choose.”

The resolution claims that governments, the media and others made people suffer during the COVID-19 pandemic with mask and vaccine mandates and shutdowns – mandates and shutdowns they said did not and do not work.

“Continued experimentation on humans, a denial of informed consent are violations of the Nuremberg Code and therefore constitute crimes against humanity.

“In support of individual liberty, the Davie County Republican Party Executive Committee supports a ban on all mandates and closings in Davie County.”