It’s a colorful paradise for Mildred White

Published 2:00 pm Tuesday, September 12, 2023

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Summers for Mildred White have been special for the past 30 years..

Living at Tanglewood Farms just across the Yadkin River in Clemmons has been a joy to many who enjoy all the flowers the former Davie resident plants around her condo.

But her beautification did not stop at her doorsteps. Mildred planted the azaleas (that bloom every spring) and flowering trees that are enjoyed by those who live or are passing through Tanglewood Farms.

“I have never had a marigold like this in spite of our bad heat and rain.”

While Mildred’s health will no longer permit her to plant outside her patios, she keeps her patios (front and back) looking gorgeous.

Just within the past year she noticed a stray kitten.

While Mildred has always had a special place in her heart for dogs, this kitten was something special. Mildred started leaving food and water on her back patio to gain his trust and within a few months, Oreo had a new home inside Mildred’s condo with all the love and attention he deserves. “All it took was for him to look up at me and say Meow,” she said.

Oreo is good company, and a good listener.