Early College students volunteer in community

Published 2:24 pm Tuesday, September 12, 2023

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By Gracie Hauser

Davie Early College

On a Friday afternoon, Davie County Early College students loaded in buses to get involved in their community.

The students had signed up to help organizations and places that needed volunteers, including: A Storehouse for Jesus, Rich Park, Farmington Community Center, and Downtown Mocksville.

Chloe Sutherland, a 10th grader, sorted through piles of donated clothes at A Storehouse for Jesus. “I enjoyed the feeling of helping people that were in need of clothes,” she said.

Gregory Williamson, a freshman, was among those who went to Rich Park to help after recent storms. Branches had fallen onto the walking paths. The volunteers cleared the limbs and branches from the area and loaded them onto trucks.

“I liked it, it was fun,” Williamson said.

A senior, Raquel Sanchez, said: “Even though it was small, it felt rewarding. I was doing something to help people out.”

Farmington Community Center had requested volunteers to pick up trash, clean tables, clear weeds, and do other miscellaneous tasks. “They seemed very happy that we were there,” said Zachary Cranfill, a senior.

Lucas Shoffner, another senior, said: “I always enjoy helping out in any way I can. I love doing it.”

A small group of students went to Downtown Mocksville to plant some seeds and pick up trash around the city.

“I take pride in helping the community,” said Mya Hauser, a sophomore.

At the Early College, giving back to the community is valued and encouraged. Students have many opportunities throughout the school year to volunteer in many ways. This provides beneficial experience in community service.

Gracie Hauser is a sophomore at the Early College.