Wills an important part of becoming an adult

Published 3:38 pm Tuesday, August 8, 2023

By Melinda Szeliga. COO

Davie Community Foundation

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

According to Gallup News, 46% of adults say they have a will. Legal Zoom says 32%.

Regardless of who you believe, a will may be the most important document you ever write. It allows you to name the people and organizations that receive your possessions when you die.

Your will is your legacy.

Think about this.

If you die without a will, your spouse is the automatic beneficiary. Does that match your wishes? And if you aren’t married, the state determines how your property is divided.

Wouldn’t you rather make those decisions?

August is National “Make A Will” month. This is the perfect reminder to create your will or update your will if you already have one.

The top 3 reasons to have a will include:

• it’s an important legal document that every adult should have;

• it gives you and your family peace of mind; and

• it lets you create a legacy that will last beyond your lifetime.

Being too busy is the number one reason folks say they haven’t written their wills. Others say they don’t feel they have enough assets to need one.

It’s generally best to make at least a simple will as soon as you become a legal adult.

Sometimes milestones in life trigger the idea that it’s the right time to create a will.  It could be your first big purchase, like a car or a home. Welcoming a baby into the family helps people understand the importance of having a written plan in place that guides others to your wishes after your death.

Think of these benefits. People over 55 cite easing the burden on their loved ones as the top benefit of estate planning and other end-of-life planning. One survey found 71% of adults report that creating an estate plan would make them feel like a good parent or partner. Additionally, proactive planning allows families to bypass lengthy and expensive probate court proceedings and cut down on family drama that arises from disputes.

Take the time to sit down and begin crafting your will. Your family will thank you for it. Do you want your legacy to continue beyond your lifetime? Consider an endowment to support your church, school, or non-profit organization.

The staff at the Davie Community Foundation is happy to assist. It’s what they do.

Millie Modlin and Paul Foster each worked with their attorneys and the foundation staff to craft the language that would establish their funds at the Davie Community Foundation. The staff understood exactly how the funds were to be used after their deaths.

Their legacies are alive and well in Davie County.Grant checks are sent to the organizations they wanted to support every year.