Take the survey: SmartStart wants to know needs for young children

Published 3:24 pm Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Many have heard the saying, “Children are our future.”

“This is especially true when you consider that the durable soft skills that employers are looking for when they hire a new employee are formed in early childhood,” said Allison Gupson, community relations and education coordinator for Davie Smart Start. “High quality early child care and education is imperative to this happening.

“Across the nation, and right here in our own county, there is a child care crisis. In Davie County, we have over 120 children on waitlists for care. We have open classrooms, with no teachers. There is money for child care subsidy vouchers, but no spots for children who are eligible to be able to use them.

“At Smart Start of Davie County, we are receiving calls daily with requests for child care information. We must be a part of the solution to this problem so that our future is set up for success.”

Smart Start of Davie has formed a child care research and discussion team composed of county government, HR representatives from local industry, Davie High CTE, Davidson Davie Community College, Smart Start board members, and other community stakeholders.

“We are forming partnerships and coming up with potential solutions to the problem, especially here locally. In an effort to make these solutions benefit everyone.”

But they need your help.

Parent or guardians for a child(ren) under age 12, are asked to complete the survey found at: tinyurl.com/ssns23 or stop by the Smart Start office to complete a paper copy. Information collected will help decide on initiatives and solutions.

“In the meantime, remember that child care teachers are literally educating our future workforce and we must support and appreciate them in their efforts,” Gupton said. “Thank a child care teacher today, for they are training the leaders of tomorrow.”

For more information about early education programs, contact 336-751-2113 or info@daviesmartstart.org or visit www.daviesmartstart.org.