It’s a hot time in Cooleemee for annual parade

Published 1:54 pm Tuesday, July 11, 2023

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By KC Smith

Cooleemee Correspondent

Cooleemee’s annual 4th of July parade began with high humidity, high temperatures and happy faces.

Spectators came early to get a good sitting spots under shade trees.

The firetrucks started the parade, and there were a lot of vehicles. I get a kick out of asking what year the vehicle is and the driver always responds with a big smile. Big rounded fenders on antique cars and trucks get my heart pumping. I appreciate those who preserve such beauties.     

Jack Jerome was selected as Grand Marshall. Unfortunately, his arm came up in front of his face and I did’t get a photo. Jack, you are so deserving of that honor and we all miss you.

The watermelon line was long; who doesn’t like watermelon on a hot day? Hotdogs smelled great, Jeannie Taylor handed out Chilly Willies as fast as she could.

A small baby pool was loaded with water balloons, in which the boys had a ball blasting each other and running like heck to avoid being hit.

If you were on the street of Marginal in Cooleemee hope you had fun and those of you who weren’t hope your celebrations were filled with good food, and by all means were safe.