Cana/Pino: Breakfast Saturday at Wesley Chapel

Published 1:43 pm Tuesday, July 11, 2023

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By  Betty Etchison West

Cana/Pino Correspondent

Breakfast will be served at Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church Saturday, July 15. Please join us for a good country breakfast of country ham, sausage, scrambled eggs, grits, red-eye gravy, sawmill gravy, made-from-scratch biscuits, jelly, baked apples, coffee, and juice. Wesley Chapel is three miles west of Farmington just off of NC 801 North on Pino Road. We look forward to serving you.

The members of Wesley Chapel welcomed their new pastor, Rev. Randy Perdue, as he preached his first sermon there on Sunday, July 8. Rev. Perdue is also serving Union United Methodist in Forsyth County. The Wesley Chapel worship service will be held at 11  a.m. each Sunday instead of 10.  Sunday School will begin at 10. Everyone is invited to both.

The grandsons of Bob and Kathy Ellis are spending time with their grandparents: Nathan Kato from Callahan, Fla. and Jayden Ellis of Cary.  Nathan is the son of Bob Ellis’ daughter, Amy Horn, and he is just spending a week or so with Bob and Kathy. Jayden is the son of Bob’s son, Robert Ellis and his wife, Maricel.   Jayden goes to year-round-school and is spending his between session break with his grandparents.

Donald and Ina Blackmore Kamenz had a huge gathering at their home, Frost Farm at Cana, on Saturday, July 8 to honor the members of the Cain family who were Members of the Greatest Generation, and to particularly honor the wife of John Boyce Cain Jr., Carolyn Creech Cain, the member of that generation who died most recently. Carolyn was the wife of John Boyce Cain Jr., who died several years ago.  John and Carolyn lived in the Birmingham, Ala. area for many years and are buried at their Baptist church there. Carolyn was a lovely lady who carried the Cain name proudly until her death when she was almost 100.

John Boyce and Ina Naylor Cain had six children between 1911 and 1924, five daughters and one son.  These other members of the Greatest Generation in addition to John Boyce and Carolyn Cain were:  Lucille Cain Hartman and her husband, Minehardt; Eleanor Cain Blackmore and her husband, Frank; Faye Cain Rich and her husband, Fred; Gladys Cain Pulliam and her husband, Grady; and Joyce Cain Benton and her husband, Don. This group is all gone and those of us in the next generation remember them for all they did for the family and for the world. Each of those listed above made real contributions to society and that was celebrated at the family gathering at Cana on June 8.

The old Cain Store/Post Office building which was built circa 1875 was open during the gathering as were a number of other sites, including the Kamenz Horse Barn. The day ended with members of the Cain Family having a group picture made in front of the store.