Senior Games wind down with large number of participants

Published 1:29 pm Tuesday, May 30, 2023

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Senior Games began winding down with a great week of sporting events.

On Monday, May 15, Creekside Lanes was the site for Bowling Mixed Doubles, the final bowling event.

(55-59) 1st: Mike West and Beth Safrit. (65-69) 1st: Tami Walker and Terry Hoots, 2nd: Michael McCoy and Connie Swartz. 3rd: Sandra Smith and Ray Evans. (70-74) 1st: Angela Bailey and Roy Ranson, 2nd: Roni Barney and Charles Mashburn, 3rd: Peggy Evans and Steve Evans. (75-79) 1st: Judy Phillips and Bob Phillips, 2nd: Ronnie Chapman and Barbara Chapman, 3rd: Vivian Ranson and Larry Bailey. (80-84) 1st: Roger Hall and Lois Green, 2nd: Alice Barnette and Mike Barnette, 3rd: Steven Mason and Nancy Tutterow.

May 16 was the Table Tennis Tournament featuring Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles.

Singles: (55-59) 1st: Kim Kinder. (60-64) 1st: Renae Tkach, Scott Fowler. (65-69) 1st: Janet Taylor, Harold Wood, 2nd: Connie Swartz, 3rd: Carolyn Sloan. (70-74) 1st: Alice Monk, Ronald Seamon. (75-79) 1st: Barbara Chapman, Lester Key. (80-84) 1st: Bob Tesh. (85-89) 1st: Kay Lloyd. (90-94) 1st: George Kimberly.

Doubles: (55-59) 1st: Kim Kinder and Renae Tkach. (60-64) 1st: Scott Fowler and Harold Wood. (65-69) 1st: Carolyn Sloan and Connie Swartz. (70-74) 1st: Alice Monk and Barbara Chapman, Ronald Seamon and Lester Key.

Mixed Doubles: (55-59) 1st: Kim Kinder and Scott Fowler. (60-64) 1st: Renae Tkach and Harold Wood. (65-69) 1st: Connie Swartz and Lester Key. (75-79) 1st: Ronnie Chapman and Barbara Chapman.

On May 17, the Brock Gym was filled with basketball players for the Women’s 80-84 tournament.

The Davie Silver Spirits team has played together for almost 30 years and competed against the Orange County Sprots team. Mike Garner refereed while Carrie Miller manned the scorebook and scoreboard. The Silver Spirits team consists of Sue Allen (team captain), Alice Barnette, Vickie Frye, Lois Green, Rachel Howard, and Charlotte Miller.

The Silver Spirits have been coached by Vanessa Carter since its inception. Throughout their playing history, they have gone on to win gold medals at the state level and national level.

This year, the Silver Spirits will be joined by three players from Tennessee in July at the National Senior Games in Pittsburgh, Pa.

As for local games, they took home the gold.

Friday, May 19 closed the week with the fan-favorite cornhole tournament.

More than 40 individuals came to the Brock Gym to play. The ladies played in the morning and the men in the afternoon.

If you are interested in cornhole, Evening Cornhole meets every Thursday at 5:30.

(65-69) 1st: Connie Swartz, Robbie Jackson, 2nd: Susan Prim, Gary Dailey, 3rd: Frosty Prim. (70-74) 1st: Peggy Evans, Wayne Randleman, 2nd: Roni Barney, Lane Hall, 3rd: Angela Bailey, Ray Evans. (75-79) 1st: Barbara Chapman, Larry Bailey, 2nd: Judy Phillips, Lester Key, 3rd: Pat Gregory, Charles Mashburn. (80-84) 1st: Sue Couch, Roger Hall, 2nd: Lois Green, Bob Tesh, 3rd: Doris Hinsdale, Mike Barnette. (85-89) 1st: Sue Allen, 2nd: Kay Lloyd. (95-99) 1st: Nancy Tutterow.

The final sporting event this year was held on May 22 – the Senior Games golf tournament at Pudding Ridge Golf Course. with 14 golfers.

(50-54) 1st: Charles Schlarp. (60-64) 1st: Sherri Beier, Kenneth Lash. 2nd: Allison Brown. (65-69) 1st: Tami Walker, Bobby Brown. (70-74) 1st: Greg Beier, 2nd: William Engstrom. (75-79) 1st: Lester Key, 2nd: Charles Mashburn, 3rd: Eddie Hubbard, Jr. (80-84) 1st: Roger Hall. (85-89) 1st: Ralph James.

To learn more about Davie County Senior Games and SilverArts, contact Senior Services at 336-753-6230.