Letter to the editor: Are library book bans on the way?

Published 6:51 am Monday, May 29, 2023

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To the editor:

I am very upset to learn that the Davie County Board of Commissioners is injecting politics into the selection of trustees to serve on the Davie County Library Board of Trustees.

It is my understanding that the library’s board of trustees has traditionally put forward its recommendations after careful, knowledgeable consideration and has done so without question until now. It seems that the BOC’s involvement in the selection process is quite recent.

Suddenly, the legal aspect has been made a tool to undermine a process which many have understood, and allowed, to be administered by the library trustees.

The library board of trustees presented its recommendations to the BOC with appropriate deference and in good faith only to have its recommendations rejected without discussion. Shame on the commissioners for imposing their will while seeking to avoid accountability for their actions.

What’s next? I predict that book bans will follow this egregious power play. Pretty soon the library and its shelves will be empty, as will our minds. My fear is that the void left will be filled with a narrow, intolerant, hateful view of the world and our fellow human beings.

Lisa Dixon West