Letter to the editor: Library board appointment appears suspicious

Published 7:59 am Monday, May 22, 2023

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To the editor:

As a Davie County resident and current PFLAG Salisbury Rowan chapter vice president, I have some concerns about the seemingly back-door politics between the county commissioners and the library board of trustees.

Why would the commissioners not take the recommendation of the very board of trustees that was created to make these kind of recommendations? With the current political climate, this makes me suspicious.

Keep a steady eye on this, Davie County.

A library is meant to expand one’s mind with the diversity of its contents. Books help people get a better idea of the world and their place in it. Books are a portal to different life experiences and reading encourages empathy and social-emotional development. These are characteristics that are necessary of a well-functioning society.

I attended the May 18 meeting of the Davie County Library Board of Trustees and had the pleasure to meet several of the library employees. I respect their love and knowledge of books and library resources and credit them for their valuable dedication to this community.

Wendy Vernon,      Mocksville