It’s bowling, badminton and min-golf for Davie Senior Games

Published 2:16 pm Tuesday, May 16, 2023

This week in Senior Games has been an exciting week with six sporting events taking place.

On Monday, May 8, Senior Games took a drive over to Creekside Lanes in Winston-Salem where they participated in Senior Games Bowling Doubles that morning and Senior Games Billiards that afternoon.

And the winners are …

• Bowling Doubles: (55-59) 1st: Kim Kinder and Renae Tkach. (65-69) 1st: Tami Walker and Connie Swartz, Frank Burgio and Rodgers Peoples, 2nd: Patti Brown and Caldonia Evans, Robbie Jackson and Tom Vance, 3rd: Carolyn Sloan and Penny Hege, Terry Hoots and Bob Phillips. (70-74) 1st: Angela Bailey and Sue-Carol Rapp, Ray Evans and Steve Evans, 2nd: Janice Jackson and Jeanette Harpe, 3rd: Roni Barney and Peggy Evans, (75-79) 1st: Pat Gregory and Vivian Ranson, Larry Bailey and Roy Ranson, 2nd: Judy Phillips and Barbara Chapman, Bruce Walley and Ronnie Chapman 3rd: Kim Newsom and Roger Hall. (80-84) 1st: Lois Green and Alice Barnette, Henry Hagner and Joe Pisanelle, 2nd: Doris Hinsdale and Nancy Tutterow, Gene Hinsdale and Mike Barnette.

• Billiards: (50-54) 1st: Charles Schlarp. (60-64) 1st: Nancy Schlarp. (65-69) 1st: Carolyn Sloan. (75-79) 1st: Judy Phillips, Bob Phillips.

On Tuesday, May 9, Senior Games held their Badminton Singles, Badminton Doubles, and Badminton Mixed Doubles events at the Brock Gym.

And the winners are …

• Badminton Singles: (55-59) 1st: Kim Kinder. (60-64) 1st: Melinda Holland, Scott Fowler, 2nd: Renae Tkach. (65-69) 1st: Carolyn Sloan, Harold Wood. 2nd: Connie Swartz. (70-74) 1st: Alice Monk, 2nd: Roni Barney, 3rd: Peggy Evans. (75-79) 1st: Barbara Chapman, Charles Mashburn. (80-84) 1st: Sue Couch, Bob Tesh.

• Badminton Doubles: (55-59) 1st: Kim Kinder and Renae Tkach, John Bullins and Charles Mashburn. (60-64) 1st: Melinda Holland and Carolyn Sloan, Scott Fowler and Harold Wood. (70-74) 1st: Alice Monk and Julie Fox, 2nd: Roni Barney and Peggy Evans. (80-84) 1st: Sue Couch.

• Badminton Mixed Doubles: (55-59) 1st: Kim Kinder and Harold Wood. (60-64) 1st: Scott Fowler and Renae Tkach. (70-74) 1st: Julie Fox and Charles Mashburn. (75-79) 1st: Ronnie Chapman and Barbara Chapman.

To finish out the week in Senior Games events, the games traveled back to Winston-Salem for the mini golf event at Adventure Landing.

And the winners are …

• Mini Golf: (50-54) 1st: Charles Schlarp. (55-59) 1st: Mike West, 2nd: Tony Moore. (60-64) 1st: Nancy Schlarp. (65-69) 1st: Susan Prim, Robert Jackson, 2nd: Carolyn Sloan, Gary Dailey. (70-74) 1st: Roni Barney, Tommy Barney, 2nd: Alice Monk, 3rd: Peggy Evans. (75-79) 1st: Judy Phillips, Charles Mashburn, 2nd: Barbara Chapman, Kim Newsom, 3rd: Pat Gregory, Bob Phillips. (80-84) 1st: Lois Green, 2nd: Sue Couch.

Senior Games held their tennis tournament as an on your own event. There was one participating team in Tennis Doubles.

And the winners are …

• Tennis Doubles: (55-59) 1st: Kim Kinder and Renae Tkach.

To learn more about Senior Games, contact Senior Services at 336-753-6230.