SilverArts proves the arts are alive in Davie County

Published 2:10 pm Tuesday, May 9, 2023

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Davie County Senior Games and SilverArts held the annual SilverArts Visual Arts and Heritage Arts showcase on Thursday, April 25 at the Davie County Public Library.

There were 69 entries in the show. The pieces were dropped off that morning and were judged that afternoon. The scores of the three judges were added to determine the winners. First and second place winners are on display at the library until the morning of Thursday, May 25.

All entries will be on display for Senior Games and SilverArts participants to enjoy at the Senior Games Closing Ceremony and SilverArts Follies on Thursday, May 25.

A special thank you to the volunteer judges Jessica Allen, Tami Daniel,and Ellen Dreschler.

And the winners are …

Heritage Arts

Card Making: 1st: Carol Huffman.

• Coloring: 1st: Charli Wilcox, 2nd: Judy Phillips.

• Crocheting: 1st: MJ Barnett Maguire, 2nd: Phyllis Nichols, 3rd: Angela Bailey.

• General Fiber Arts: 1st: Judy Wilson, 2nd: Julie Cartner, 3rd: Nina Stallings.

• Knitting: 1st: Danny Cartner, 2nd: Judy Phillips.

• Needlework: 1st: MJ Barnett Maguire, 2nd: Susan Riddle, 3rd: Joe Pisanelle.

• Quilting (Hand Stitched): 1st: Teresa Draughn, 2nd: Doris Hinsdale.

• Quilting (Machine Stitched): 1st: Brenda Maconochie, 2nd: Jean Shipley, 3rd: Nina Stallings.

• Stained Glass: 1st: Marilyn Colvin.

• Tatting: 1st: Marie Craig.

• Woodcarving: 1st: Tim Trudgeon, 2nd: Jerry Lee Reavis, 3rd: MJ Barnett Maguire.

• Woodturning: 1st: Johnnie Stallings.

• Woodworking: 1st: Jo Robinson, 2nd: Jerry Lee Reavis, 3rd: Johnnie Stallings.

Visual Arts

• Acrylics: 1st: Carol Huffman, 2nd: Diane Hulburt, 3rd: Nava Draughn.

• Drawing: 1st: Jo Robinson, 2nd: Carol Huffman, 3rd: Gina Frank.

• Mixed Media: 1st: Carol Huffman, 2nd: Jeanie Ramsey, 3rd: Carol Foust.

• Oil: 1st: Stephanie Dean.

• Pastels: 1st: Jo Robinson, 2nd: Judy Wilson, 3rd: Ralph James.

•Digital Photography: 1st: Julie Cartner, 2nd: Charli Wilcox, 3rd: MJ Barnett Maguire.

• Sculpture: 1st: Judy Wilson, 2nd: Jo Robinson.

•Watercolor: 1st: Mary Hall, 2nd: Carol Huffman.