Seniors compete in bocce, shuffleboard, croquet

Published 2:29 pm Wednesday, May 3, 2023

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Davie County Senior Games had a record high registration this year for bocce competition with 40 participants.

Bocce is played at the Davie County Community Park. The bocce courts are not on grass, but on a special crushed oyster shell material. There were four hot days of intensely competitive bocce April 11-13 and April 18.

And the winners are …

Bocce: (65-69) 1st: Ina Beavers, Gary Dailey; 2nd: Susan Prim, Robert Jackson; 3rd: Carolyn Sloan. (70-74) 1st: Karen Umberger, Lane Hall; 2nd: Alice Monk, Ray Evans; 3rd: Angela Bailey. (75-79) 1st: Pat Gregory, Charles Mashburn; 2nd: Barbara Chapman, Steven Evans, 3rd: Judy Phillips, Johnnie Stallings. (80-84) 1st: Alice Barnette, Mike Barnette, 2nd: Judy Collette, Gene Hinsdale, 3rd: Doris Munguia. (85-89) 1st: Sue Allen, Bud Stroud, 2nd: Kay Lloyd. (90-94) 1st: George Kimberly.

The following week April 18-20, Senior Games spent time at Bermuda Village for the Shuffleboard tournament and Croquet competitions.  These events featured more than 30 participants and was spread across three days.

And the winners are …

Shuffleboard: (65-69) 1st: Susan Prim, Robbie Jackson, 2nd: Vanessa Carter, Gary Dailey, 3rd: Carolyn Sloan. (70-74) 1st: Roni Barney, 2nd: Alice Monk, 3rd: Peggy Evans. (75-79) 1st: Pat Gregory, Charles Mashburn, 2nd: Judy Phillips, Johnnie Stallings, 3rd: Barbara Chapman, Steve Evans. (80-84) 1st: Lois Green, Mike Barnette, 2nd: Judy Collette, 3rd: Alice Barnette. (85-89) 1st: Sue Allen, Bud Stroud, 2nd: Kay Lloyd. (90-94) 1st: George Kimberly. (95-99) 1st: Nancy Tutterow.

Croquet: (65-69) 1st: Carolyn Sloan, 2nd: Vanessa Carter, 3rd: Susan Prim. (70-74) 1st: Peggy Evans, 2nd: Alice Monk. (75-79) 1st: Barbara Chapman, Charles Mashburn, 2nd: Pat Gregory. (80-84) 1st: Doris Munguia, 2nd: Doris Hinsdale. (85-89) 1st: Kay Lloyd, 2nd: Sue Allen. (90-94) 1st: George Kimberly.