Letter to the editor: When is enough going to be enough?

Published 1:15 pm Tuesday, April 18, 2023

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To the editor:

We are seeing massacres in plain sight: trees, undergrowth, entire landscapes and the fauna habitats once thriving. The “criminals” masquerade as developers, zoning officials, tax collectors, etc.

Progress is their cry as they ransack. That translates to money in their pockets and tax coffers, as well as promises of “benefits to residents.” You don’t have to look far for these “crimes.”

Rarely are citizen protests heard or heeded. That did occur in Bermuda Run recently. Residents of Kinderton Village stood up against a massive density project proposed in our back door. Zoning needed to be changed, however.

Some very intelligent residents researched and created documents citing increased traffic, harm to the environment, lowered existing housing prices as well as unacceptable density percentages. Residents showed up at meetings and signed petitions. Speeches were made a council meetings and planning boards. Signs, flyers, t-shirts showed up and the final vote to allow a zoning exception was “No.”

A success?

Very soon after this, we saw the “crime” of huge trees, undergrowth and habitats mowed down. Not only was this horrible looking, it took down the last sound screeen from the widening of I-40, bringing unacceptable levels of dust to homes and an eyesore to everyone traveling Exit 180 – Bermuda Run.

Recently, we learned that an apartment or townhome complex will be built on this same piece of land behind Lowe’s Foods on NC 801. We are hearing pushes for more restaurants (besides Chik-fil-A), hotels in front of Lowe’s.

Roundabouts? Traffic adjustments? Farmington Road residents lost their bid against rezoning to place a housing project in their area. Progress?

Far-sighted farmers are rejecting the millions offered to protect family farms and their preferred way of life. This trend is being supported by young adults in many areas of our country. They long for samll farms, growing their own food, raising their own meat as well as the peace and quiet of rural life. They want to raise families to value the same.

When is enough, enough?


Patricia Williams

Bermuda Run