Letter to the editor: Board ruins residential neighborhood

Published 11:31 am Thursday, March 2, 2023

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To the editor:

I read Mr. Schooler’s letter to the editor and decided to speak up as well. I attended the Feb. 7 Mocksville Board of Commissioners meeting on behalf of myself and my husband to speak in opposition to the zoning amendment. We live about 300 feet from the property in question.

Despite raising our concerns (again) about the noise, fumes, tractor trailer traffic, and the possible storage of flammable materials on the property (with no fire hydrant nearby), and despite the town’s comprehensive plan and future maps showing our neighborhood remaining as open space residential and rural residential, not to mention spot zoning regulations, the commissioners voted to approve the zoning text amendment allowing rezoning of a 2.2 acre spot of a 17.048 acre lot. In addition, the town attorney decided to remove the “conditional” restriction that would apply to the applicant’s lot and rezoned it to “Building Contractors-Heavy” as the only permitted use for the 2.2 acres. So, if the property owner were to sell, any type of heavy construction business, including wrecking and demolition contractors and highway, street, bridge and tunnel construction contractors (according to the town ordinance definition) could set up on the 2.2 acre lot.

Two years ago, this was heard before the commissioners and it was denied. Two years ago the commissioners believed it was spot zoning and that the heavy construction business did not belong in the middle of a residential neighborhood. It is still the same ordinances, same spot zoning regulations – the only difference is the commissioners. However, one of the remaining commissioners decided to vote for it this time.

So, for those of us who wanted to live in a quiet residential neighborhood without the possibility of a heavy construction business being allowed to operate, and without the noise of construction equipment, fumes and tractor trailer traffic on the street, the commissioners have now taken that away. They have set a standard now and this could be coming to your neighborhood.

I am all in favor of supporting local businesses, but there is a place for everything. Our dead-end residential neighborhood road is not the place for a heavy construction business.

If you do not like the direction the commissioners are taking regarding residential neighborhoods, please remember we have a voice on election day.

Peggy DelliSanti,     Mocksville