Public Records

Published 10:27 am Tuesday, February 21, 2023

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Land Transfers

The following land transfers were filed with the Davie Register of Deeds, listed by parties involved, acreage, location and deed stamps purchased, with $2 representing $1,000.

– PMA 1 Holdings to Arden Group, 1 lot, Wade Eaton Drive, Mocksville, $140.

– D.R. Horton Inc. to Natalie Galindo Cunha and Carlos Jose Cunha, 1 lot, Culloden Drive, Mocksville, $654.

– William Norman Blake and Darlene Spry Blake to Cody Clinton Blake, 1.47 acres, Bobbit Road, Advance.

– Melissa A. Brown to Matthew Travis Boger and Ashley B. Boger, 1 lot, Farmington Township.

– Kenneth Marks and Karen Marks to Kenneth Marks, 1 lot, Garden Valley, Mocksville.

– Samuel Dean James and Casey Dale James, trustee, to Case Dale James, tracts, $500.

– William Dean Seaford and Cathy Seaford, and Darrell Thomas Seaford and Sharon D. Seaford to Warren Scott Angell and LuAnn L. Angell, 31.8 acres, $639.

– PMA 1 Holdings to Arden Group, 1 lot, Rod Court, Mocksville, $140.

– Melissa A. Brown to Matthew Travis Boger and Ashley B. Boter, 1 lot, Farmington Township.

– Estella P. Pruitt (.50%) to Nicole P. Dickerson, tracts, $1.

– Estalla P. Pruitt, and Nicole P. Dickerson and Clifton Dickerson to Estella P. Pruitt and Nicole P. Dickerson, tracts.

– Mary Phillips to Peter Schuyler Vrooman Jr. and Carol B. Vrooman, 1 condominium, Bermuda Village, $310.

– Melissa Willingham Coleman and Dennis K. Coleman to Christopher Moxley, tract, Mocksville Township, $196.

– ADM3 Properties to Third Generation Homes, 1 lot, Reserve at Lake Louise, Fulton Township, $72.

– HRS Property Group to Nancy Ann LaFave, 1 lot, Sheffield Park, $450.

– Offerpad SPE Borrower A to William Winkler and Diann Winkler, 1 lot, Kinderton Village, Bermuda Run, $760.

– Louis Pikula III and Janet Pikula to Mark S. Clinard and Debra R. Clinard, 1 villa, Oak Valley, Advance, $950.

– Bruce Edward Hinkle Jr. to Chad A. Watkins, 3.86 acres, Jerusalem Township, $47.

– Estate of Robert Joe Cornelius to Charles A. Lott Jr. and Linda C. Lott, tracts, $752.

– Nancy Cleary Goodwin to Darrell Wayne Cleary, 25 acres, Clarksville Township, $200.

– Lisa Billings and Rick Billings (1/3rd interest) to Sara Faye Wishon, 1 lot, Charleston Ridge, Mocksville, $167.

– Jerry L. Callison and Linda Sue Callison to Chris Allen Callison and Scott Andrew Callison, .57 acre, Carowoods Subdivision.

– Marvin A. Morale to Paula M. Florez-Diaz, Marvin Arquimedes Morales and Marvin Waldir Morales Flores, 1 lot, Westwood Acres, $9.

– Hope Homes of Davie County to Bryan K. Akers, 1 lot, Hickory Tree.

– D.R. Horton Inc. to James Rutledge and Denise Lashan Enoch, 1 lot, Highland Place, $617.

– Bryan Huffman and Barbra Huffman to Bryan LeClert and Kirstine Le Clert, 1 lot, Hidden Creek, Advance, $820.

– Arden Group to Brentdon Graham, 1 lot, Wade Eaton Drive, Mocksville, $818.

– Gregory Lee Van Dyke and Rachel Ann Van Dyke to Nathan Sowers and Lindsay Sowers, tract, Windrush Lane, Advance, $550.

– Sandra H. Bell to Gail S. Sullivan and William Bruce Deal, 1 lot, Fairway Villas, Bermuda Run, $540.

– TWT Associates to D. R. Horton Inc., 26 lots, Mocksville, $3,380.

– Clinton W. Sweatman IV and Katherine Cleeberger to Duane Lord and Linda Lord, 2.1 acres, $450.

– WJH LLC to McLean SFR Investment, 1 lot, Raymond St., Mocksville, $470.

– WJH LLC to McLean SFR Investment, 1 lot, Barbosa, $454.

– WJH LLC to McLean SFR Investment, 1 lot, Avon St., Mocksville, $474.

– William J. Marklin Jr. and Betty W. Marklin, Ralph D. Naylor and Nora L. Naylor to Ashley Meacham, tracts, Wilkesboro St., Mocksville, $140.


The following were issued marriage licenses by the Davie Register of Deeds.

– Shamilah Abigail Ulysse, 28, and Terrence Cornelle Pittman, 32, of Bermuda Run.

– Olivia Hope Otto, 20, and Ryan Austin Neely, 22, both of Mocksville.

– Daniel Jason Burton Jr., 25, of Rocky Mount, and Brittany Ann Foster, 26, of Cooleemee.

– Courtnie Elizebeth Richards, 24, and Jonathan Marshall Beck, Sr., 30, of Mocksville.

– Jordan Gabriel Marcial, 25, and Ashley Lynn Bale, 33, of Mocksville.

– Bernardino Munoz Baltazar, 32, and Sulidany Moreno Ramirez, 36, of Mocksville.

– Stephanie Marie McKinney, 27, and Kyle Matthew Willard, 29, of Advance.

– Tyler Lee Barker, 23, and Katherine Martinez, 23, of Mocksville.

– Alyxandra Krystine Rossman, 23, and Austin Wayde Hunter Williams, 26, of Mocksville.

– Seth Turner Wash, 24, of Clemmons, and Madison Lorraine Stakely, 24, of Mocksville.

– Dina Towfik Shehata, 30, of Advance, and Osama Ahmed Mohamed Hashem, 29, of South Carolina.

– Catherine Jean Barthelemy, 70, of Winston-Salem, and Danny Lee Shoaf, 70, of Advance.

– Jon Matthew Telinger, 55, of Mooresville, and Terri Lyn Minton, 41, of Mocksville.

– Caroline Paige Cozart, 29, and Michael Caleb Blanton, 30, of Mocksville.

– Amber Marie Saxberg, 26, and Brandon Lee Wilt, 30, of Mocksville.

– Maximilian Louis Cantor, 37, and Karmen Antonia Holman, 33, of Advance.

– Juan Carlos Santiesteban Jr., 30, and Elsa Marie Cruz, 41, of Mocksville.

– Heather Nicole Sterling, 25, and Carson Lewis Gray, 25, of Mocksville.

– Thomas Keith Frye, 74, and Mary Eva Sine, 70, both of Mocksville.

– Jacob Baity Koontz, 32, and Kelsey Ann Phillips, 31, of Advance.

– Annette Nicolle Lambert, 48, and Gary Ray Waller Jr., 45, of Salisbury.

– Mary John Xenakis, 33, and William Allen Wenk, Jr., 31, of Advance.

– Cassie Dawn Stoup, 25, and Zachary Adam Agresto, 42, of Mocksville.

– Kristina Spasic, 29, and Austin Riley Hege, 26, of Advance.

– Edgar Moises Noveron Palacios, 32, of Harmony, and Kelly Rebecca McGinn, 34, of Statesville.

– Matthew John Walton, 39, of Burlington, and Heather Nicole Crews, 35, of Winston-Salem.

– Margaret Renee Andrews, 44, of Statesville, and Harry Lee McCraven, Jr., 44, of Vale.

– Hannah Nicole Morrison, 23, and Thomas Alen Hazzard Jr., 25, of Clemmons.

– Linwood Ledonial Parker, 88, and Phoebe Elizabeth Patterson, 85, of Advance.

– Nathaniel Cory Hinshaw, 31, and Megan Ona Clontz, 28, of Winston-Salem.

– Michael Carson Rauen, 24, and Abigail Mariah Plitt, 24, both of Advance.

– Shannon Annette Wood, 39, and Steven James Stanley, 38, of Advance.

– Helen Lynn Carswell, 35, and Robert Tyler Minor, 28, of Mocksville.

– Andrew Jackson Meadwell, 52, and Hannah Elizabeth Keller, 41, of Mocksville.

– Darlene Elizabeth Owens, 25, and Michael Adolfo Robert Warren, 26, of Mocksville.

– Timothy Lane Smith Jr., 19, and Arianna Rae Conner, 18, of Advance.

– Virginia Elizabeth Heap, 36, of Winston-Salem, and Stephan Jeremy Chester Studevent, 32, of Advance.

– Zinnia Perez, 43, and Sherley Chester Studevent Jr., 58, both of Winston-Salem.

– Patrick James Mullen, 45, and Deedee Ann Efird, 45, of Mocksville.

– immy Harrison Williams, 75, and Janice Helen Shafer, 66, of Advance.

– Michael Kent Stancill, 62, of Advance, and Julie Dean Shore, 49, of High Point.

– Franklin Simpson, 60, and Charita Montress Mack, 45 of Cooleemee.

– Christopher Lee Shrewsbury, 55, and Melissa Ann Dorsett, 58, of Mocksville.

– Ruth Corina Brown, 38, of Statesville, and Brian Thomas Iyoob, 42, of South Carolina.

– Heather Michelle Riddle, 33, and Bryan Keith Hicks, 38, of Advance.

– Douglas Joseph Frail, 49, of Bermuda Run, and Shannon Darlene Parham, 52, of Marion.

– Anna Lynn Heath, 22, and Nathaniel Chuck Spaugh, 28, both of Mocksville.


The following were arrested by the Davie County Sheriff’s Office.

Feb. 18: Christopher Sabastian Hartley, 33, of Peoples Creek Road, Advance, fictitious vehicle registration plate, driving while license revoked impaired driving offense, DWI.

Feb. 16: Michael Keith Campbell Jr., 24, of Morse St., Mocksville, violation of court order; Brandon Ryan Carter, 41, of Avon St., Mocksville; failure to appear in court; Travis Lee Cooley, 53, of Woodleaf, probation violation; Justin Lee Downs, 33, of Boxwood Church Road, Mocksville, cyberstalking;  William Daniel Henderson, 32, of Salisbury, simple possession of marijuana, possession of a firearm by a felon, larceny; Jaysean Lamont Nance, 23, of Charlotte, resisting an officer, possession of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia; Joseph Linn Reid, 32, of Mr. Henry Road, Mocksville, shoplifting.

Feb. 15: Edward Clarence Carter, 51, of Riverside Drive, Mocksville, non-support of child; Matthew Lamonte Cowan, 37, of Statesville, trespassing, aiding and abetting larceny; Geoffrey Scott Jones, 43, of Clemmons, assault; Cody Wayne Watson, 29, of Yadkinville, larceny;  Kimberly Jeannette Wiles, 27, of Duke Whittaker Road, Mocksville, possession of stolen vehicle, probation violation.

Feb. 14: Kristian Brett Campbell, 43, of Kernersville, failure to appear in court; Jamie Bullabough White, 35, of Mocksville, failure to appear in court on felony charge.

Feb. 13: Michael Douglas Rhymer, 32, of Yadkinville, communicating threats; Ian Michael Sizemore, 39, of Howardtown Circle, Mocksville, possession of methamphetamine, possession of a controlled substance on jail premises, altering evidence.

Feb. 12: Gregory Scott Gillaspie Jr., 33, of US 64 W., Mocksville, assault by pointing a gun, first-degree trespassing.

Sheriff’s Office

The following are from Davie County Sheriff’s Office reports.

Feb. 18: domestic disturbance, Lakewood Drive, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Kinder Lane, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Farmington Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Point Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Hilton Road, Advance; domestic disturbance, Guinevere Lane, Mocksville; fraud, Kingsmill Drive, Advance; trespassing, Legion Hut Road, Mocksville; disturbance, Baltimore Road/US 158, Advance;  domestic disturbance, Yadkinville Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, US 158, Bermuda Run; trespassing, Mr. Henry Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Junction Road, Mocksville.

Feb. 17: suspicious activity, Caravan Lane, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Gladstone Road, Mocksville; burglary, NC 801 N., Mocksville; assault, War Eagle Drive, Mocksville; larceny, Government Center Drive, Mocksville; harassment, S. Davie Drive, Mocksville; trespassing, Pendleton Drive, Bermuda Run; harassment, Eatons Church Road, Mocksville; assault, Farmington Road, Mocksville; larceny, Eli Ave., Mocksville; disturbance, Pine Ridge Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, US 601 N./Eatons Church Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, NC 801 N., Bermuda Run; disturbance, Junction Road, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Junction Road, Mocksville.

Feb. 16: suspicious activity, Junction Road, Mocksville; disturbance, Pine Ridge Road, Mocksville; harassment, NC 801 N., Advance; domestic disturbance, Powell Road, Mocksville; harassment, Wagner Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Beauchamp Road, Advance; harassment, Dutchman Trail, Mocksville; larceny, US 601 S., Mocksville; trespassing, Springhill Drive, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Town Commons Drive, Mocksville; assault, Cemetery St., Mocksville; domestic assist, Candi Lane, Mocksville; larceny, Cooper Creek Drive, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Ben Anderson Road, Mocksville; larceny, NC 801 S., Bermuda Run; domestic disturbance, NC 801 N., Advance; suspicious activity, US 601 S./Boxwood Church Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, E. Lexington Road, Mocksville.

Feb. 15: suspicious activity, W. Renee Dr./Norma Lane, Advance; fraud, Liberty Church Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Spillman Road, Mocksville; disturbance, US 601 S., Mocksville; harassment, Nolley/Stonewood roads, Mocksville; harassment, Turkeyfoot Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Junction Road/Trestle Lane, Mocksville; disturbance, US 158, Advance; disturbance, Candi Lane, Mocksville; sex offense, S. Davie Drive, Mocksville; burglary, Riverside Drive, Cooleemee; harassment, Farmington Road, Mocksville.

Feb. 14: suspicious activity, Main Church Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Cooper Creek Drive, Mocksville; domestic assist, Shady Knoll Lane, Mocksville; disturbance, Fairfield Road, Mocksville; larceny, Cooper Creek Drive, Mocksville; fraud, Parsonage Drive, Advance; damage to property, Farmington Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, US 158, Bermuda Run; damage to property, Twins Way, Bermuda Run; suspicious activity, Clark Road, Mocksville.

Feb. 13: suspicious activity, Mason Drive, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Riverbend Drive, Bermuda Run; harassment, Center St., Cooleemee; larceny, Industrial Blvd., Mocksville; larceny, Valley Road, Mocksville; larceny, Mullins Road, Mocksville; disturbance, Fonso Way, Mocksville; larceny, Juney Beauchamp Road, Advance; assault, Cloister Drive, Mocksville.

Feb. 12: suspicious activity, Watt St., Cooleemee; suspicious activity, Tadpole Trail, Advance; suspicious activity, Sheffield Road, Mocksville; harassment, US 158, Advance; suspicioius activity, Hospital St., Mocksville; disturbance, Emerald Lane, Mocksville.