Letter to the editor: Shame on town board members

Published 9:57 am Thursday, February 16, 2023

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To the editor:

Never have I been as shocked or as disappointed as I was at the so-called zoning meeting held by the Town of Mocksville Board of Commissioners which I attended on Feb. 7. Not only are the town’s five commissioners elected by our citizens to be trustees of the town, they take an oath of office to support our established ordinances and laws.  It is their duty to know our local Zoning Ordinance, and to administer the ordinance fairly based on its regulations rather than their own personal feelings.

However, the current board chose instead to totally disregard these regulations.

As a result, the commissioners have now set a new legal precedent allowing commercial business spot-zoning in established residential-zoned neighborhoods. Their decision at this meeting now makes it possible for anyone to request approval to establish and operate a business of any type or size in any residential neighborhood and use this Feb. 7 decision to support approval of that request.  It also allows for total disregard of how larger, more intrusive commercial business operations will affect the value of the surrounding residential property.

Had the commissioners followed the zoning ordinances in place as they should have, this would not have happened.

Shame on you, town commissioners; shame on all five of you.

Richard Schooler