Letter to the editor: Democrats ignoring 1st, 2nd Amendments

Published 9:59 am Thursday, February 16, 2023

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To the editor:

Mr. Editor, how will Mr. Huntington get my answer to his lying about dead people under Mr. Trump? But Mr. Biden had more dead people in two years than Mr. Trump had in four years. Jan. 6, you said five people died and 140 officers were hurt, a lit. One lady, Miss Loreno Bobbitt, was gunned down by one of them officers. She had no gun, just standing there not making no threat to him or anyone else. Pelosi gave him a medal. How many officers got hurt? Zero. One had a stroke and died.

Pelosi and her party knew two days or longer before Jan. 6 that Mr. Trump and his voters did not start Jan. 6. It’s time to ask Pelosi, the FBI, CIA and her mod and Mr. Biden some hard questions. Why did Pelosi remove so much security from around our Capital? If it smells bad, it’s bad. They were sent to start Jan. 6.

Twitter is putting proof out that Pelosi, FBI, CIA, your party, Clinton, Mr. Biden, all big tech, all news people,about censoring Republicans, going after Republicans, about Jan. 6. We all know Mr. Biden is a traitor to our country and needs to be tried for treason.

It’s not Republicans ignoring our Constitution, but it’s Democrats attacking for First and Second Amendments.

Yes, I saw Liz Cheney and her mod sham report that was made up to make Mr. Trump look bad, but it made them look stupid. The proof you are talking about is one woman who Mr. Trump would not give her the position that she wanted; looks like she was trying to pay him back. If it smells bad, it’s bad. They put this out because Republicans was taking over the house and the truth is coming out about her and her mod sham of lies. I bet you seen what good Americans told her when they sent her packing. Lis and her daddy Dick need to be tried for domestic terrorism for what they did to our country and American people.

Linda Campbell