Letter to the editor: Stop blaming Trump for mess

Published 1:12 pm Thursday, February 2, 2023

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To the editor:

I read the letter from Mr. Huntington a few weeks ago, saying things about Mr. Trump that are false. Letters from Mr. Witte and Ms. Smith followed.

Mr. Trump has not been in office for two years or longer. It’s time for all of you to stop blaming him for all that mess Democrats put on us. I was going to let this slide, but after a few more weeks, here come two more letters. They had so many false statements.

You and your party need to stop lying and get President Biden and Vice President Harris some help because tghey are not up for their job. Vice president Harris acts like a 4 year old. I will tell you, Republican or God-loving Christian. My Bible says homosexuality is a sin.

All of you Democrats may not be punished here by us, but all of you must have forgotten God, your maker.

Democrats added illegal ballots for Mr. Biden. Voter fraud. Any person who thinks the election was fair and properly ran is either blind or naive. Every Republican has the right to be angry and shoudl be about how this election was conducted. Our new deomcracy now appears to have fraud and deception as its cornerstone.

I’ll bet Democrats think the last two years is better than the last four years. Ask good Americans on a fixed income, they don’t think so. I’m tired of Democrats calling good people bad names. If they would look in the mirror …

Yes, I’m one of them smelly WalMart shoppers who clings to my Bible, God my maker, and my guns. Mr. Biden and his party of illegals made me feel that I needed a gun to protect me and my loved ones.

I think this will be stopped two ways: Republicans and Democrats are going to war; or God our maker is going to end this the way he did before. I hope we can all get along and stop this mess. This is no good for all of us.

Linda Campbell