Editorial: TV specials highlight Davie treasures

Published 7:02 pm Wednesday, January 25, 2023

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Sometimes, it takes an outsider to remind us of how good we have it here.

Such has been the case in recent weeks with local television news programs, who have shined the spotlight on two of our favored treasures.

Scott Mason, a reporter from WRAL TV in Raleigh, brought his “Tar Heel Traveler” feature to Mocksville, visiting Miller’s Restaurant on Wilkesboro Street. It was a great piece with interviews from family member owners, customers and employees. All did a great job. There was even a shot of an old copy of the Enterprise Record hanging on the wall, with an article by yours truly. (Yes, we knew how special they were years ago, many years ago.)

Open for nearly 75 years, it is now being run by the third generation of the same family.

The next time you see a $20 pimento cheese burger at a fancy, big-city eatery, say thank you to Miller’s Restaurant. It all started right here. Or better yet, just say no thank you and high-tail it to Mocksville to get the orginal. It’s not fancy eating, by any means, but it’s good. And it’s familiar. Us locals get what we expect. Those out-of-towners may be in for a surprise or two. Pleasant surprises.

Check out the segment on WRAL’s website. Like me, it should make you proud to be from Davie County.

WXII TV 12 put the spotlight on Nancy Tutterow earlier this week. A regular bowler for some 19 years, the Mocksville woman was surprised by fellow members of the Monday morning bowling league in Winston-Salem headed by Davie Senior Services. There was a crowd there. She had been encouraged to not miss this one. Why?

It was her birthday. Her 99th birthday.

And what does she do for the television cameras? She nearly bowls a strike, knocking down all pins except one. She showed them how to score a spare with another roll.

Not bad, huh? Especially for a skilled bowler who pretty much comes to a stop before dropping the ball barely headed in the right direction. That’s a gutter ball, for sure. No, it’s slowly moving to the right. By golly, it’s headed right for the head pin. Bam! The ball hits the head pin with the force of a marshmallow. But it hits just the right spot. Three pens down, then five, seven, nine. Remember, I wrote “right” direction. How does she do it?

She also gave us all some pretty good advice for her fellow senior citizens, for all of us for that matter. Get out there. Be active. Don’t worry about whether you’re good at it or not. Just do it. And have fun. Davie Senior Services is a good place to find your activity.

Thanks for the advice.

Nancy Tutterow is Davie County through and through. If your family has been here for a generation or two, chances are she knows some of the history. From working with the register of deeds to countless hours in community activities – all around the Center community just west of Mocksville – she knows Davie County and it’s people.

She probably knows if you come from a Republican or a Democrat family, as well. But don’t worry, she’ll treat you fairly either way.

She is another reason to be proud to be from Davie County.

And if you think you were handed too many pieces of cake last weekend, Ms. Nancy, wait until next year.

– Mike Barnhardt