Letter to the editor: Biden’s presidency filled with misinformation

Published 1:21 pm Thursday, January 12, 2023

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To the editor:

In response to “Democracy is a right,” I hate to cloud this issue with a few uncomfortable but undeniable truths that were toally missed by the writer.

Despite the fact that he stated he had a brief statement, it is indicative of the massive amount of false information and innuendo that is rampant.

Trump has not been President for over two years. At some point, the Democrats are going to have to stop blaming him for Biden’s multiple and horrific failures. There was no bigger racist in the history of the U.S. Senate than Biden. He fought every piece of civil rights legislation that came up. He fought integration in schools. Many of his quotes were legendary, like one turning schools into jungles. He gave a eulogy at a friend’s funeral who had been in the KKK. Biden is a world-class liar. In a previous bid for the presidency, he told so many lies. A full scholarship to law school? Nope. Graduating first in his law school class? Nope, he was in the bottom 10. He earned three law degrees? Nope, just one, and he was lucky to get it. He also plagiarized a British politician word for word in two speeches. Because of these outright lies he was forced to drop out of the presidential race by his own party.

As far as being anti-LBGTQXYZ, the Republican Party is closely aligned with Christian principles and five passages in the Bible deal with homosexuality and these are very straight forward. It is a sin, period.

The Jan. 6 hearings were an obvious sham. It should not have to be pointed out. It went on prime time TV with an extremely biased press hand picked for their hostility toward Trump. The real insurrection was the terrible riots in American cities for over two years with BLM  and ANTIFA forming road blocks and dragging innocent people out of their cars and beating them. The riots that began in Portland and Washington State and spread to Kenosha and multiple other cities where both public and private property was burned and destroyed. Biden and Harris set up bail funds in their own names so the terrorists and arsonists could immediately return to their anarchist destruction.

They were not prosecuted to the extent of the Jan. 6 demonstrators, some of whom were jailed for over 500 days without due process, just like in communist countries like China, Russia and now America.

Pelosi was fond of saying over and over that five people were killed, but only one is directly associated with the demonstration. Most were patriotic Americans protesting what they felt was a highjacked election, which was their right. It was rumored that many of the demonstrators were armed, but only one person was shot. That was an unarmed mother, teacher and veteran exercising her Constitutional right to protest, killed by a Capitol police officer. No other Capitol police officer felt the need to shoot anyone. Nothing in the building was burned; some windows were broken and a few hinges bent.

The statement that the Republicans were ignoring the Constitution? The Democrats have been openly and loudly attacking the First and Second Amendments that they swore to uphold. Our fouding fathers listed the Constitutional Amendments in order of importance.

The free press has been bought and paid for decades ago. The network and cable news totally cannot be trusted. The best news sources is Skye News Australia, which has an in-depth and totally unbiased section on US news. BBC is a good second choice, but occasionally falls short.

The internet can be a valuable sour of information, but needs to be read carefully. The Biden administration is working on misinformation sites so they can tell you want misinformation is.

John Levis